We hear stories of the power of the Internet. Reportedly, a 31 year-old man used Facebook to help stir the masses to a revolution in Egypt. Now, USA Today reports that the State Department is also reaching out through Twitter and Facebook to reach Iranians. At the same time, China has said “No” to Twitter access for its citizens and has regularly demonstrated control to general Internet availability.

I try to blog on various topics that tickle my fancy, that have some kind of law connection. By now, sometimes I meander off the legal path a bit. A while back, I mentioned a book that I used to enjoy. I wasn’t exactly sure of the name of the book. My grandmother would read it to me over and over. No matter how many times she read it, I would say, “Read it again, Grammy”.

Part of my interest in blogging, is the fun in reading the resulting comments. Because of the power of the Internet, the blogs and comments never go away. When I blogged about my favorite book even though I couldn’t remember the book’s name, I did remember some of the dogs’ names in the story; which included “Toothy Perkins” and No-Tail Ryan”. I now know that “Emma Jones” and “Fido” were also friends of “Wilbur”, who was the star of the story.

When I wrote that blog about a year ago, one lady mentioned, in a comment, that it was her favorite book as a child. This past weekend, a man from England posted an Internet inquiry to say that he had just read the blog and wanted to let that lady know where she could purchase that book. He had seen it on EBay.

I now know that the book is titled “The Puppy Who Chased The Sun”. Because of this man’s help, I also located a copy of the book and purchased it. Hopefully, the lady he was trying to help, will also see this blog or happen upon the comments in the old blog.

My blog’s purpose is not to stir up revolutions in foreign countries. I do think that it is a wonderful thing that someone “across the pond” would read my blog; take his time to locate a copy of the book; and share it.

I write this legal blog to hopefully help and bring a smile to those that read. In this instance, this man’s thoughtfulness certainly was a blog encouragement to me.

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