I saw a truck drive by that identified itself as a Casket Company. On the side of the truck it read, “Please drive safely, heaven can wait”.  Someone came up with creative advertising. Tough to smile with a casket business.

Advertising can be a tricky proposition. Here are some product thoughts. We already have certain expectations when it comes to toothpaste. We expect white teeth,  so what else can they advertise to get our attention. Whiter, fresher teeth? Do toothpaste companies really compete? Of course, some companies manufacturer their own competition like Proctor and Gamble, with both brands of Gleem and Crest.

When Warner-Lambert decided to market their sugarless gum, they wanted to come up with a real competitive reason to buy. They came up with the infamous “4 out of 5 dentists recommend sugarless gum to patients who chew gum”.  Did that 5th Dentist just scream “Stop calling here.”? In fact, ole number 5 was really saying ”No” to all chewing gum.

In fact, the Warner Lambert had surveyed 1200 dentists. They were really competing with sugar.

We just want companies to keep their promises. A coffee shop needs to serve hot coffee. A new car needs that new car smell.

Expectations do play a part in airline travel. Southwest Airlines has figured out how to turn a profit each quarter. At the same time, they have decided to take on competitors with their “Bags fly free” commercials. They don’t have to specifically name other airlines. They seem to be taking them all on.

Southwest has caused everyone to question the baggage fees. Yep, we should also question a Christmas goat but I digress.

Somehow, it became acceptable to wait at a doctor’s office. Part of it is that you normally are not going to just walk out. You’ve made the effort to be there or you have to see the doctor for some specfic reason. Now, some hospitals are advertising their “wait time” on billboards. The message is clear that “we work to eliminate your wait” unlike other emergency rooms.

If you watch much football, you probably have seen the State Farm Insurance advertisement where “Jerry” has crashed his car. The ad shows that he calls his old agent, Jessica, at State Farm. He knows that he is no longer insured with State Farm but he mentions that it only took 15 minutes to change to that new insurance company, “but it has taken them a lot longer to call back”.

Hard to believe that I am blogging on the good of an insurance company….. don’t want to do too much advertising for State Farm; but if you research the advertisement ”State of Regret”,  you’ll find that they use a real agent in the commercial. Meanwhile, everyone knows that they are advertising against Geico because of the “15 Minutes” mention. They don’t even have to bring the name up. Very effective!

We expect overnight delivery to get there tomorrow. Why shouldn’t we expect an insurance company to provide the coverage that we purchase?

For pic o day, it’s hard to know which Christmas theme to pick. Somce good Cat education makes me smile.

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