I’ve been on a “word roll” for blogging. Can’t help it. The last few blogs just got me going. I’d look down at the word count and realize that I needed to ease up. Just getting too long.   For this blog, I’m just keeping it short.

     Just had to throw that in. Anyway, this Time.com story got my attention. You can now hire a bounty hunter for your cat. Thought it was worthy of a blog mention, since I haven’t had one on contract or employment law in a while.

     For a fee of $80, this lady will coax your cat to a vet appointment or even a trip to the groomer. For $80, it might be worth it just to watch. She claims she always wins. She left the practice of law to do it.

     For pic 0′ day, I thought I’d reach into the vault for “Gone with the Wind…. Gone to the dog and cat”.

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