I guess this story goes under freedom of speech, or at least the right to protest.

A 53-year-old  Wisconsin man was recently arrested for disorderly conduct. Reportedly, he went to a Diner that was serving “all you can eat” fish. That’s when the anger started.

According to the police report, he had consumed 12 pieces of fish by around 7:40 p.m. on a Friday night. Then, the Diner staff informed him that they had run out of fish.

The man refused to pay his bill. So, the restaurant gave him eight more pieces to go; He paid his bill.

On Sunday, the man returned to the restaurant with a picket sign. He protested their business practices. He got arrested.

Yep, that’s one of those stories that is stranger than fiction. Guess he took it literally that he was going to prove how much he could eat, not “all you care to eat”. Or, a story about a restaurant without sole… He wasn’t going to let them skate. He made a bass out of himself. OK,  I can see that you’re giving me the Walleye.

For pic o’ day, I knew that I should post something connected to fish and Diner story, which took me right back to:



Then, I thought that I needed to focus on the customer. So to the signs:

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