How is that for a blog title. Plus, it’s a lawsuit where even “Buddy” was in danger.

      The Daily Press reports that Shirley Smith Smart is getting out of prison on January 14.  When she gets out, the convicted bigamist will be facing a lawsuit by Elden Bowen. He married her on December 23, 2004, in the Isle of Wight Wedding Chapel.

     At the time of the marriage, Smart was already married to someone else. In her search for marital bliss, she must have forgotten the law on such things. So now, Bowen is suing her for $434,000, alleging that she cheated him out of house and personal belongings. Oh, and I think that the  the other husband might fall  under that cheating category.

     Bowen’s lawsuit alleges that the diminutive 73-year-old woman has been married ten times over a period of 50 years. At least three of those marriages occurred while married to another.

     Smart has responded to the Bowen lawsuit by penning over 80 pages in response, to portray her as the victim, and Bowen as the liar. She even casts doubt on their marriage despite Bowen’s ability to produce photos. Her response to the photos, “I do not remember when or anything about it”.

     Bowen says that when he married Smart, she managed to take possession of his home, a pickup, his dog (Buddy) and $80,000 in cash.

      Now, here’s the kicker. At one point, Smart took Buddy to the Gloucester-Matthews Humane Society.  Just plain mean. Fortunately, Buddy is back with Bowen. Apparently, Smart is a collector of husbands but no pet lover!

     For pic o’ day, I had to go with a dog picture… Right?

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