If you were at our office when the mail arrives, you would probably see the excitement on my mail. Maybe it’s because I have an eBay addiction. Maybe it’s because I get lots of free pens as promotional items. It could be argued that all the insurance settlement checks arrive in the mail; Or maybe it’s just the unpredictability of what is in that envelope! They say that I act like it’s Christmas everyday.

     I just read about a different response to the mail. It’s a story about what one lady found in her mailbox and the scare that followed. (Washington Post) Maryangela Tobin of Plymouth, Massachusetts, has filed suit against FedEx after receiving a package that she thought was a birthday present for her daughter.

     When the Massachusetts woman opened the package, she found candles, pixie sticks and peppermint. There was also something else that she thought was potpourri. Instead, it was marijuana.


     About an hour after the package arrived, a man knocked on her door. When she answered it, she also saw two men sitting in a strange car that was sitting in her driveway. She told the man she did not have the package and then quickly slammed the door. FedEx had given her address to the men when they had called to find their package.

     The police have since arrested the three men over the package of marijuana, but Ms. Tobin is now worried about retribution  against her and her daughters. The lawsuit seeks damages relating  to “the intense and ongoing distress that has left them feeling anxious, physically ill and fearful for their safety”. The family is also contemplating a move from their home because of this.

        I can see how this could be distressing. It will be interesting to see how the lawsuit is resolved. For pic o’ day, I did not want to make light of the events. Instead, I decided to go with a funny picture about mail. Some real “Dog Mail”.

Dog Mail

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