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The Positive!

Thursday, September 22nd, 2016

It feels like I was just writing a Friday blog. This week moved quickly! So, first a Friday coffee:


Yesterday I had a client tell me that she wanted to make sure that I knew how helpful and friendly her paralegal had been throughout our representation.  The paralegal made me look good because of her attitude.

Coincidentally, I had just read the following online review of a Richmond pasta restaurant experience:

Loud and dark. Unfriendly service. Party of 10 had reservations and our elderly mother was going to be 10 minutes late. They would not let her sit with us when she arrived. She had to hang out at the bar till we were done. Food great but not worth with service like that.

Also this past week, one of our lawyers took his wife to the opening of a new restaurant in the area. When I asked him if he liked it, he answered, “that’s difficult to say”.

He went on to describe that they probably would not be returning. It wasn’t that the food was bad, it was that the overall attitude from the hostess to the restaurant manager was that no one cared that they were there… and the service and dining experience reflected that attitude.

Here’s one of those Pinterest anonymous quotes that reminds us of the importance of a good attitude… and how it makes a difference:

A negative thinker sees difficulty in every opportunity. A positive thinker sees an opportunity in every difficulty.

Here’s to a positive weekend!!!


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The Importance of a Seat Belt

Wednesday, September 21st, 2016

You have to appreciate a mother who puts a special emphasis on her daughter wearing a seat belt. Here’s a story from ABC7 in Chicago  about this Arizona woman, where you might think that she took it a bit too far. I am posting the article that comes with the news story:

A woman in Arizona called police to teach her young daughter a lesson about seat belt safety.

 Michelle Fortin said her 3-year-old unbuckled her seat belt during a ride home on Monday.

 Fortin then pulled over and explained to the girl why seat belts are important.

 But the mom later decided that the lesson needed to be reinforced.

 So she called police in Scottsdale, who were more than happy to come and back her up.

 ”I guess it was an extreme choice on my part to call police, but I knew she was gonna remember it and I knew by hearing from a police officer, who is a person of authority that my kids respect, I knew that was gonna drive the point home better than just hearing it from mom,” Fortin said.

 The strategy seems to have worked.  Michelle’s daughter Camille promised to the officers that she would always keep her seat belt on.

Not sure what this mother will do when her daughter starts texting in the car when she turns 5!

And for pic o’ day…

new 1


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Those Crazy Laws

Tuesday, September 20th, 2016

There are always some things that cannot always be explained. For instance, Charlie Chaplin once won third prize in a Charlie Chaplin look alike contest.

When it comes to different laws in different states, some of those seem a bit curious. I suppose that it used to be much more important to address the issue of having your horse tied up in front of the store. Now… taking your horse grocery shopping is not expected.

From Criminal Justice Career Schools comes a listing of Criminal Justice Resources: The Top 50 Strangest Laws. I have not personally researched each of these laws. However, I am fascinated to see the Virginia law that was posted. I suspect that this Virginia law (if you scroll down) had something to do with games of chance. So here we go:

Alabama: It is not permitted to playing the game of dominos on Sundays

Alaska: You cannot wake a bear up in order to take a picture with it in the state of Alaska.

Arizona: According to a law in Tucson, Arizona, women are not allowed to wear pants.

Arkansas: Men can beat their wives, but only once per month in Arkansas.

California: Mousetraps cannot be used in California without an official hunting license.

Colorado: In Pueblo, Colorado, dandelions cannot be grown within the city limits.

Connecticut: Dogs cannot get an education in Hartford, Connecticut.

Delaware: A marriage can be annulled if the marriage occurred because of a dare.

Florida: It is against the law to imitate an animal in the city of Miami.

Georgia: Barbers cannot advertise the price of a haircut or any other services in the state of Georgia.

Hawaii: Ironically, the laws of Hawaii say you cannot appear in public wearing only swimming trunks.

Idaho: If you’re giving your sweetheart a box of candy in Idaho, it must weight more than 50 pounds.

Illinois: It is very clearly stated that all cars in Illinois must be driven with a steering wheel included.

Indiana: In South Bend, Indiana, monkeys cannot smoke cigarettes.

Iowa: No one can be charged an admission cost to see a one-armed piano player in the state of Iowa.

Kansas: Cherry pie a la mode cannot be served on Sundays in Kansas.

Kentucky: Kentucky law states that people must bathe at least once per year.

Louisiana: Gargling in public is illegal in Louisiana.

Maine: You cannot win more than three dollars from gambling in the state of Maine.

Maryland: Oysters must be treated properly in Maryland by law.

Massachusetts: Tomatoes are not permitted in clam chowder in the state of Massachusetts.

Michigan: A woman’s hair is her husband’s legal property in Michigan.

Minnesota: Women impersonating Santa Claus can face up to thirty days in prison.

Mississippi: You cannot kill your “servant” in Mississippi.

Missouri: Men must have permits to shave in the state of Missouri.

Montana: Wives cannot open their husbands’ mail or else they face felony charges.

Nebraska: Soup must be made at the same time bartenders serve beer in Nebraska.

Nevada: Camels cannot be driven on the highway in Nevada.

New Hampshire: You cannot check into a hotel under a false name in New Hampshire.

New Jersey: Forget buying cabbage on Sunday in New Jersey: it’s illegal!

New Mexico: The city of Carlsbad has banned the Miriam-Webster collegiate dictionary.

New York: It is illegal in New York to throw a ball at a person’s head for fun.

North Carolina: The city of Ashland prohibits public sneezing on city streets.

North Dakota: You cannot fall asleep with your shoes still on in North Dakota.

Ohio: In the state of Ohio you cannot have a bear without a license.

Oklahoma: No ugly or funny faces shall be made at dogs in the state of Oklahoma.

Oregon: No one can bathe without wearing acceptable clothing that covers their body from the neck to their knees.

Pennsylvania: Marriages cannot be performed if either the bride or groom is drunk.

Rhode Island: It is illegal to throw pickle juice on a trolley in Rhode Island.

South Carolina: Everyone living in South Carolina must take their gun to church with them.

South Dakota: You cannot fall asleep while in a cheese factory in South Dakota.

Tennessee: You are not allowed to drive and sleep in the state of Tennessee.

Texas: In the state of Texas, no one is allowed to have a pair of pliers on them at any time.

Utah: All birds are granted the right of way on highways in Utah.

Vermont: You must not deny that God exists in Vermont.

Virginia: In Richmond, Virginia, it’s illegal to flip a coin to determine who will buy the coffee.

Washington: It’s against the law to pretend your parents are rich in Washington state.

West Virginia: No adults allowed: In the state of West Virginia, only babies are allowed to ride in baby carriages.

Wisconsin: There will be no kissing on trains in Wisconsin!

Wyoming: Women cannot stand within five feet of a bar.

       And this pic o’ day made me laugh. Is it like wearing a shirt on shirt on shirt?


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Reverend Innocent Johnson

Monday, September 19th, 2016

Starfish have no brains.  How’s that for a blog starter?

Now, here’s some nonsense: I received the following email a few days ago that I post in part:

Attention Customer,

 You have received this email because you are a Customer of Western Union Money Transfer.

 I have been trying to get in-touch with you on phone before I traveled. I have handed over your funds of $ 2,500.000.00 USD to the new Director here Rev. Innocent Johnson. I have remitted the first payment of $5,000 with the help of my working partner Rev. Innocent Johnson to you and here is the information. Money Transfer Control Number MTCN: 5519104405 Sender’s First Name: PETER Sender’s Last Name: CHUKWU Text Question: RIGHT

Answer: NOW

 I told him to keep sending you $ 5,000 USD daily until the payment of $ 2,500.000.00 USD is completed and again forward them your Telephone number, Full Name, Your Country and address so that they will be sure. Please, contact: Rev. Innocent Johnson with the below details:

 Noted: If there is any problem with the transfer, do contact Rev. Innocent Johnson and he will solve it for you. The care of the funds is under his custody now.


Justin Larry

There’s just something about this email that doesn’t seem true! Although, I do enjoy the names. How can you argue with a Reverend name Innocent, or a fellow named Peter Chuckwu?

The point of this blog is basically… where is the truth? Come on. Why can’t some people be real.

I promise not to get started on insurance ads or political campaigns. So, I will just leave it at that. Why the nonsense? Because they think we are starfish?

And for pic o’ day:



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More Than Just Numbers

Sunday, September 18th, 2016

It’s Monday!!!  So let me vent a frustration to start the week out with some complaining. (How’s that for a blog starter?)

It’s no surprise that  lawyers at the firm spend a lot of time negotiating. It has caused me to search for just about every book and article on the subject of negotiation. Still, I am amazed that insurance adjusters seem consumed with the concept that the value of  a claim is somehow based on the amount of medical bills for treatment. It makes negotiation a bit challenging. Not easy to negotiate when logic is missing.

There is a movement among lawyers to just not introduce medical bills at trial. Why? Because many of us believe that real damages are about loss and personal relationships. In fact, what really matters is us!

I saw a post/story on Facebook that does a great job of focusing on what is important. Of why life is not about some mathematical equation of medical bills.





And for pic o’ day, this made me smile. The question of which came first, the chicken or the egg? Why can’t it be the chicken and the egg?



And our Monday pic o’ day

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Strolling Into Friday

Thursday, September 15th, 2016

I always enjoy pulling “stuff” from the notebook for a Friday. I even enjoy the thought of “notebook”. I’m not sure how long it has been since I truly used or carried a notebook. Maybe the 19th century? But I digress.



How can you argue with a strutting cat as starter pic o’ ?

On this day in 1620, the Pilgrims set sail from England in the Mayflower. Word has it that they didn’t have any of those amazing cruise ship midnight buffets. Which reminds me…

The pilgrims used a special tool in church to keep people from falling asleep during the sermon. In those days, a sermon might last 7-8 hours (and they didn’t have a remote control to change the channel).

The tool to keep parishioners awake was a wooden ball attached to a string on a long stick. The appointed member of the clergy would hoist the ball over the “sleeper” and clop them on the head with the wooden ball. (I suppose that football helmets in church were frowned upon)


For a Friday blog, there has to be some political, right? So here is a recent posted political survey:


The word coward was originally a boy who took care of cows. What do they call someone who takes care of cows now? Not a cowboy?

Have a great weekend!!!

And we close with some pic o’ suspense:



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The Science of Lines

Wednesday, September 14th, 2016

The NY Times caught my attention with an article titled How to Pick the Fastest Line at the Supermarket. It’s not so much that I want to learn about picking the right line at the grocery store, but the human behavior elements apply to all lines.

There are just some traits in life that you cannot ignore. For instance, in picking a jury, I normally avoid engineers as jurors. I don’t want to fully explain that because I don’t want to give away trial strategy… for all those defense attorneys that may be lurking on the blog!

Instead, take a look at the science of picking a line at the grocery store. These are some of the wrong mistakes and assumptions that are being made. I have pulled it right from the article. It just might give you a clue to get out the door quicker the next time you are faced with the “line choice”.

1. You trust that the express lane will move the fastest. Oftentimes getting behind a shopper with a full cart is smarter than queuing up in an express lane. That’s because greeting customers and exchanging payment information is a huge time suck, taking about 41 seconds on average per customer, according to The Times. Ringing up items takes just three seconds per item, in comparison.

“Think of it this way: One person with 100 items to be rung up will take an average of almost six minutes to process. If you get in a line with four people who each have 20 items, it will take an average of nearly seven minutes,” Times reporter Christopher Mele wrote.

2. You select checkout lanes on the right side of the store. Lines at registers to the right of a store tend to move slower because most people are right-handed and tend to gravitate in that direction as a result, Robert Samuel, the founder of a service that stands in line for people, told The Times.

3. You avoid lines that feed into multiple registers because they look longer. These lines tend to move the fastest. That’s because the mathematical odds are stacked against you when you’re trying to pick the fastest of more than two lines.

4. You select lanes with male cashiers. Women are faster at ringing up items, according to experts interviewed by The Times.

5. You get in line behind elderly people, who tend to have more difficulties checking out than younger people.

And for pic o’ day, this is probably a bit silly but it still made me smile.




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All in the Prep

Tuesday, September 13th, 2016

I have been hearing a lot about the healthy eating of Whole30. And I am all in. I mean, how can I argue with a program that suggests that I can order and eat 30 items at each meal and then feel better. That’s the program… right?

Speaking of diets and eating, what do you think of the new Cheetos Chicken Fries at Burger King? Now that’s some fixins! I wonder how they prepare those golden healthy treats?

So, since I am obviously focused on food, I need to either make a turn here or keep this food train going. By the way, I wonder what is in that amazing recipe for Cheetos Chicken Fries that make them so healthy and amazing. Do they qualify for Whole30 if there are 30 fries in a container?

Speaking of preparation since recipe means food preparation, I now know what this blog is going to be about. That way, the blog won’t seem so random after all. Like playing Marco Polo with Marco Polo!

Beethoven had a special way to get his creativity prepared. He would pour cold water over his head to stimulate his brain, before sitting down to compose. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it as to why I am rambling. Must dodge the dripping cold water as I continue to type.

Which leads me to a story from this past weekend. I saw Tim Kaine speak this past weekend. At the conclusion of his speech, he paused for questions.

One lady asked whether Senator Kaine had begun to prepare for his upcoming Vice Presidential debate. He smiled and then told the story of his debate preparation when he was running for Governor of Virginia.

Senator Mark Warner’s current chief of staff, David Hallock, at that time was working on the Kaine campaign. So, he played the part of Kaine’s competition in preparation for the debate between the candidates running for Governor.

Kaine went on to relay that during the practice round for the debate, Hallock was literally destroying him. Every question brought an incredible answer.

Finally, Kaine said to him, ”You are destroying me in this debate. Almost like you know all the questions.” Hallock looked at him with a grin and said, “I do know all the questions!”.

It’s all in the preparation!

And for pic o’ day…


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Veteran’s Loss of Hearing

Monday, September 12th, 2016

You can’t beat this history, M. Welliver, of the U.S. hotel, while hunting, was struck by a copperhead snake. His heavy woolen pantaloons saved him from injury. That piece of news comes from The Muncy Luminary, Saturday, Aug. 19, 1876.

I enjoy reading the news from the city where I was born. I don’t always get to immediately read the weekly Muncy Luminary when it arrives in the mailbox, but at some point I will sit down and read through it. Just seeing it sitting in the mailbox makes me smile. It takes me back to those simple days of being a kid.

Besides the Peek at the Past column that was referenced above, there is also a column titled World War I Memories. In the August 21, 2016 edition, there was a story of war that showed the effects of war, long after the enemy had surrendered.

As told by the paper in the column titled Loss of hearing cost area veteran his life, Merle Earnest Crawford came back from World War I with a loss of his hearing. During the war, his duties included driving ammunition wagons to the front lines and being next to the cannons as they fired.

The roaring blasts of gun and cannon fire caused him to lose his hearing, which lasted through his lifetime. He moved back to Pennsylvania and married Montgomery native Wilda Bieber, who apparently was one of my distant relatives.

After they were married, Crawford began working at the Lycoming Silica Sand Plant. His job was to drive the sand by train locomotive on a narrow gauge line.

One day, his locomotive rounded a tight curve and collided with another train coming the opposite direction. The other engineer heard the other train coming and jumped to safety.

Because Crawford had lost his hearing in the war, he didn’t know of the danger until it was too late. The two trains collided and he died three days later.

Ironically, the company had already decided to switch from trains to trucks to haul the sand. The-train to-truck switch was already scheduled for 10 days after this crash occurred.    A veteran of war whose sacrifice continued, long after the war had ended.

And for pic o’ day I am posting one that might be a bit on the edge. But seriously, he named his boat S.S. Fat Guy! And how can you argue with #17?


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What About Advertising?

Sunday, September 11th, 2016

And for Monday morning… it just always seems fitting to start with a coffee pic o’ unless you don’t drink coffee. Then probably… not so much! I needed it this morning. I was at a meeting this weekend, and then I watched lots of football and some of the baseball pennant race games. That’s code for Orioles baseball!



This past week I was asked a couple of times about TV advertising. It’s my belief that online marketing is taking a big chunk of some TV budgets. But, political advertising still effects our lawyer advertising. By law, political ads have the right to run… for the lowest cost. So, it doesn’t matter how many TV ads that we place, political can replace them all. They “bump” us out of our buy.

There was a time that those political ads became our business enemy. Now, not so much. Lots has changed from the days when there were only three networks.

One British CEO commented about the effectiveness of their advertising by saying, “Half of my advertising is wasted. It’s just difficult to know which half”. Of course, advertising has changed greatly. During the nineteen century, Frank Woolworth discussed his retail advertising for his stores., “Remember your advertisements are in your show windows and on your counters“. Now, that kinda makes me laugh.

I just thought I would mention advertising today because I expect that we will be inundated with political ads over the next couple of months. One politician recently commented that he believes that TV is losing its effectiveness, because people are now used to not believing what they see on TV. Instead, it’s back to personal relationships and personal contact.

Maybe that’s true. Unfortunately, we need to get all candidates, and especially these political PACS, to believe that TV is not effective. By November, it will be such a relief to no longer see some of these ads. For now, it makes me want to pick up a book or my kindle. Or… I just tape and speed through. Gotta hand it to the inventor who gave us the ability to record programming… and use the fast forward on the remote!


And for our Monday pic o’ day, I guess it’s wrong to call them chicken tenders…or chicken nugget?


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