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Signs of the Times

Thursday, April 23rd, 2015

One summer during college, I sold vacuum cleaners. Yes… vacuum cleaners. I remember during one sales training that the manager reminded us all that we needed to be enthusiastic because no one woke up in the morning and said to themselves, “Today, I am going to buy a vacuum cleaner”.

Sometimes I feel like that about a Friday blog. So, today I am enthusiastic!

I am using this blog to attach a couple of pictures that were sent to me. I hope that you see the humor in these altered signs.

First is a man’s stubbornness… I suspect that you can guess that this was not sent to me by a man.


Second is a bit of Shakespeare:


I hope you have a wonderful weekend!



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Setting Low Goals

Wednesday, April 15th, 2015

I feel like I just need to post a happy pic o’ to get started. Just need it.


Which kinda leads me to my real topic.

If you ever drive through the parking of the Richmond Westin Hotel on Broad Street, this is what you will find:



It’s a basketball goal up against the curb. I round the corner for breakfast and see it. It’s an 8 foot goal. It probably serves to allow motel guests to dunk a basketball… and feel real tall. It certainly doesn’t increase your basketball skills.

It seems to me that the goal should be higher. Like Michelangelo said long ago, “The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark”.

Yes, I’m probably thinking too deeply in the morning. Perhaps I should just ask myself, “where’s the basketball?”.

I didn’t  want to mention April 15 Tax Day,  in yesterday’s blog. Instead, for pic o’ day, today we celebrate April 16.


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The Law of Protection

Monday, April 6th, 2015

      This is a week filled with three mediations. That means that I must have patience and also deal with not sitting at my desk for most of those three days. (Reminder to self… must have patience)

     One virtue is that those days go very quickly. One difficulty is that those days go very quickly. I feel like I just recited one of those Palindromes. You know, the words like kayak, level and racecar which can be spelled backwards and forwards… or something like that.

     All said, my rambling it to lead to this. While I can’t think much about vacation this week, I still can post a reminder from on statistics about being in the sun. The article recites that retirees are seven times more likely to get skin cancer than in the 1970s, with people going on cheaper vacations.

     Cheaper travel and discount cruise ships are among the reasons that cancer research has shown that men aged 65 and over are shown to be 10 times more likely to be diagnosed with malignant melanoma, than those of their parents’ generation. Women of the same age bracket are five times more likely.

     According to the research, getting sunburned once every two years can triple a person’s risk of developing melanoma. And, these statistics will only rise as children grow older… as they spend more time in the sun in their youth.

     Vigilant about the skin and wearing sunblock. Not overdoing the constant exposure and swapping bad sun habits can save lives. I know that it sounds like a public service announcement, but this research is a good reminder.  Now bring on the warm weather!


 And for pic o’ day… yes, it is cheesy!


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April Fools on the 2nd

Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

I’m not big on April Fool’s Day so I didn’t mention it yesterday for the blog. I think that it does bring out the two categories of people. Some love practical jokes and others are not as humored by them. I’m personally not big on pranks.

A newly signed Indianapolis Colts player tweeted that he had been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. Then he announced it was an April Fool’s joke. I received the tweet as a Colts fan. For his sake, I hope no one nationally will notice his choice of prank.

If you are a Colts Fan you might find this funny….The Indianapolis Colts uniform introduction:


They announced that the Colts would be wearing all white next year. That’s a funny April Fool’s joke at no one’s expense!

A couple of people had asked me why I didn’t write an April Fool’s Day blog. I guess I just did!

And for pic o’ day, a bit of (missing) leadership:


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An Apple to Court

Sunday, March 22nd, 2015

Apple has announced that it will start delivering its Apple watch on April 24.


I know that Apple wants us to get all excitedIMG_1467

but my initial reaction was to simply ignore it. I’m a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to watches. I consider a watch as part of the outfit.

The watch’s sellling points include the ability to send messages, update such sites as Facebook, interact with the searching information Siri, and operate all the apps that become available. Plus, you can use it to exercise and it somewhat allows us to avoid carrying the phone in the purse or pocket.

Ok, I will stop sounding like I’m selling this watch for Apple  because I still am not sure if I will ever buy one. However, it does take me back a bit to what used to be allowed in the Courtroom.

There was a crossover time of technology. For the longest time you could not bring your cell phone to court. Some courts still have that sign. Then, phones became more than just phones. Lawyers carried their calendars on them. When the Judge would try to schedule a trial, most of us would have to say that we didn’t know if we had those dates available… because we could not bring our phone to the courtroom.

Moving forward, iPads became the item of planning choice including the ability to load trial presentations and depositions instead of bring huge boxes of files. Of course, the iPad is still in use and I skipped several technology steps including the introductory Blackberry that got us all started with emails. It became irritating to watch lawyers who couldn’t help themselves and just continually checked their emails.

The point of all this is that I wonder if that device on the wrist will be replacing all that. Will a judge be leaning over to ask someone to stop viewing their Facebook or pinning on Pinterist?

Life is changing and so is technology in the court! Calendars and quick legal research might be just a click away… on the wrist.

And for pic o’ day, just asking for friendliness between rock, paper and scissors!!!!


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Just Another Wednesday

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

Here’s some trivia. Who was the highest ranking Union soldier to die during the Civil War? Answer: Major General John Sedgwick. IMG_0129

Unfortunately, his death was the result of false confidence, bad planning and bad leadership. Part of the reason for his confidence was probably because he had previously been wounded in the Battle of Glendale and then shot three times during the Battle of Antietam. I’m guessing he started to believe that he was untouchable. Unfortunately, here’s how history records his death.

      Major General Sedgwick chastised his men for acting scared of nearby Confederate sharpshooters. He had directed the soldiers in placing ammunition and artillery around them in preparation for what later would be known as the Battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse.  It irritated him that they were acting so squeamish.

With Confederate sharpshooters only about  1,000 yards away from them, the soldiers kept running for cover every time a bullet would be fired.

History tells us that Major General Sedgwick walked right out in the open and was quoted as saying, “What? Men dodging this way for single bullets? What will you do when they open fire along the whole line?” Apparently, his confidence did nothing to calm the soldiers, which only incensed him more.

He then hollered, “Why are you dodging like this? They couldn’t hit an elephant at this distance.” (From the book Who’s Who in the Civil War and historian Gordon Rhea)  Reports then say that he was shot moments later, under his left eye. There, he fell down dead from a sharpshooter’s bullet. Despite being on the opposing side, even General Robert E. Lee expressed sadness over losing his old friend.

And for pic o’ day, just taking it easy… or something like that:

summer day

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A Bunch of Snow

Friday, February 27th, 2015

Someday I hope to be scrolling through the blog collection on a hot day, and then stumble on this Friday blog. I know it’s not much of a legal blog but it does reflect the mindset… SNOW!

It did allow us to return some phone calls and get caught up on email. And, the lawyers in the intake department stayed faithful. Way to go Intake!!! The offices that really never close, even when the doors might be closed.

Meanwhile, I worked a bit (a very little bit) from the warmth of my home office. And here are the snow pictures from the house. Maybe you’ll come back to this blog on a hot day too.

From the side of the porch

snow 1


From the back of the house… through the window. (that means I was being really lazy)

snow 2

And then down the street from the front door.

snow road

I hope you have a great weekend!!!!

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Some Valentines

Thursday, February 12th, 2015

It’s Friday and it’s Valentine’s Day weekend. I know you didn’t come to the blog for some Valentine’s meaningful writing. Let’s roll with it!







I know… that last one is over the top!

I do hope that you have a great Valentine’s Day and a wonderful weekend!

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A Barber’s Punishment

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

From time to time I have posted a pic o’ day that is taken of a pet who has committed some mistake in the house. They are called pet shame pictures.

no regret

A picture like this where their owner prints a sign next to their pet.

Now a new form of shame punishment has been introduced. The Washington Post is reporting that a barber is offering to give your child a haircut as punishment for misbehaving. The barber calls it the Benjamin Button Special with a nod toward the movie.

a shame

The barber and owner of a shop called A-1 Kutz says that he offers this form of haircut for free, to parents who want to try a novel form of punishment. Supporters believe that it is the perfect cut for kids who need to “act grown”.

Supporters for this kind of punishment will say that these parents are creatively doing whatever it takes to teach their kids a lesson. And at least there’s no “physical hitting”.

I’m no psychologist, but a lesson that lasts until the hair grows out and subjects a child to ridicule seems more than just discipline to me. I don’t see this as hilarious lesson teaching. That’s just my 2 cents. I say someone should trim this barber’s nonsense.

And for pic o’ day, here’s an animal with no shame!


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Just Some Random

Tuesday, January 27th, 2015

     I thought that I would ramble a bit. So… here goes:

    Yesterday was a bit unusual for the law firm as we began our Virginia Beach office move from our old location to our new space; we opened our Richmond office a little later because of the snow;

(A picture as I stopped for breakfast at Bob Evans near the office, because I wanted to eat down on the farm!)


     And the South Carolina office faithfully kept the lights burning throughout it all. In addition, the South Carolina office is waiting for the construction build out, so they can move. That should be in a couple of months.

      And the randomness continues… Recently, the Virginia ex-Governor has been in the news quite a bit. That led me back to an old photo of five Virginia Governors that was taken in 1932.

5 gov

At this military celebration in Virginia Beach, four of the Governors were decorated with medals by then Governor John Garland Pollard (in center). This picture makes me wonder, “what were they thinking?”. You can see why I thought it belonged in the random blog.

     Debbie K sent me the following, that made me think,  “I  saw a sign recently that said, “If you see someone wearing camouflage, make sure you walk right into them so they know it is working.” Now that would be an “eye-opener”.

     And to wrap up my random thoughts. The word “lethologica” describes the state of not being able to remember the word that you want. Of course, it is virtually impossible to remember that word. What word?

     And finally, stressed is desserts spelled backwards. It’s all in how you look at things!

      And for pic o’ day,  I thought that in the middle of this cold, wouldn’t a spa day feel good?


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