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Let’s Just March Wander!

How about this as our start to our March Blog? Life is just crazy.


Just sayin’

I was up late last night because Geoff Glick and I went to the Wizards/Golden State game. When a game starts at 8P… you know you are in trouble the next day.

I meant to post this earlier in the negotiation blog but I got distracted.


Have you noticed that Our Blog is a bit of wandering?

By the way, did you know that An Estee Lauder perfume called “Country Mist” had disappointing sales in Germany. That’s because the word “Mist” is slang for manure in German! Boom!

I am getting ready for some football. The NFL Combine is about to start, which causes me to post some crazy Peyton Manning pictures. Just because.








I know… you are asking yourself… wait a second. Although, I have a feeling that you are asking yourself nothing about right now! You just keep looking back at these Manning pictures and smiling. At least that’s what I do.

I feel like I need to throw something legal in here, because this is a legal blog. Right? Hmm…

Before 1941, fingerprints were not accepted as evidence in court. Prior to that time, it was not an established fact that no two fingerprints were alike. Today, the only way fingerprints are not be allowed as evidence is if the defense can prove that there are, in fact, two sets of fingerprints somewhere in the world that match.

Did you know that a Cobbler is someone who makes, mends or repairs shoes? So what is someone who makes Apple Cobbler? Just sayin’.

OK, I am at the end. I realize that I had nothing for the blog today and we just wandered together. Just like Our pic o’ for today. It’s not really a blog… it is an event! This is what happens when you stay up too late.



Removing the Obstacles!

I like to think of Monday as the perfect day to fix last week’s mistakes! Here we are!

At what age do you start to say, “I am getting too old for this”.


It’s all about attitude. Right?


So for this Monday, I thought I that would post the obstacle story. I have read it in many positive thinking books. It’s one of those reminders that I keep around. A good one for Our Monday!

There once was a very wealthy and curious king. This king had a huge boulder placed in the middle of a road. Then he hid nearby to see if anyone would try to remove the gigantic rock from the road.

The first people to pass by were some of the king’s wealthiest merchants and courtiers. Rather than moving it, they simply walked around it. A few loudly blamed the King for not maintaining the roads. Not one of them tried to move the boulder.

Finally, a peasant came along. His arms were full of vegetables. When he got near the boulder, rather than simply walking around it as the others had, the peasant put down his load and tried to move the stone to the side of the road. It took a lot of effort but he finally succeeded.

The peasant gathered up his load and was ready to go on his way when he saw a purse lying in the road where the boulder had been. The peasant opened the purse. The purse was stuffed full of gold coins and a note from the king. The king’s note said the purse’s gold was a reward for moving the boulder from the road.

The king showed the peasant what many of us never understand: every obstacle presents an opportunity to improve our condition.

Removing our obstacles! It’s going to be a great Monday!!!!


And finally, these “facts” made me laugh:


Just Friday Ramblings


Because I am on the move this morning, I am typing Our Blog on the iPad. The office outfitted me with a cover that includes a keyboard, but I still worry about the fat finger typing and spacing. Fears that wording might end up like this:


I was in a seminar yesterday, on topics about IEPs and 504 Plans. “What?”  Exactly! I could blog a little on that…but it’s Friday and much more fun to post random.  Right?

How about an insurance mention?


Today in 1945, the U.S. flag was raised on Iwo Jima. The famous picture was picked by Time Magazine as one of the most influential photographs of all time.


The story (here) described at gives some insight on the controversy behind the photograph that has also been the subject of movies. It all revolved around “who was first” and why was this photograph taken of the second Flag raised?

It has been a great week!


I hope you have a weekend that makes you smile!


Positivity Over Negativity. (Plus Barney Fife!)

In the world of strange facts, dolphins sleep with one eye open. That doesn’t seem like good rest! Maybe there are just some things that are not meant to be seen!


This is really a blog about negativity… and then positivity.


I read over the weekend that Lindsay Vonn had announced that she would not be attending the White House as a winning Olympic athlete. Then, in her first event, she failed to medal in the downhill Super G and dropped to sixth in the standings. (ESPN)  That’s when an avalanche of negativity hit her online.

Because of her previous political statement, she received tons of hate tweets. (USA Today) Such tweets as “You got what you deserved”, and “One loss down and only two more to go”. 

One USA teammate was sickened by the negativity directed at Vonn. She tweeted,  “It’s gross. I have been mistakenly getting her hate mail for weeks!”

A lot of times when I read a news article online, I find myself scrolling to the bottom of the article to read the comments. Even on tragic stories, you can find some of the meanest comments attached to the article. Sometimes it involves an attempt at bad humor, and other times just a remark about how the person deserved it.

Several years ago, one of my friends lost his mother in a car accident. There was a news article in the local paper that even included a picture of the her car that was in the crash. The story reported how she had been killed on impact. I was so saddened by the story and my friend’s loss. But sure enough, at the bottom of the article there were negative comments that included one that basically said, “She got what she deserved. Old people shouldn’t be driving anyway“.

The Vonn story is a reminder that there are people who think that their disagreement means that there is license to be mean. You can’t change the anger in society. You can only control your own thinking and how you treat others. Just typing that makes me feel like I need to post something right now, just to make me smile.


I read that Vonn story while drinking coffee on Sunday morning. Then, during the Sunday morning church service, the minister included Psalms 103 in his message, and remarked that he thought that it was the most positive passage in the Bible. (Here)


The Psalm includes such verses as  “Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits” and “Bless the Lord, all his works in all places of his dominion: bless the Lord, O my soul“.  Reading it made me feel positive. Being grounded in what is important and not to be influenced by the negativity of others. And then… I felt so positive!

Sure, some days it can feel like this… Right?


But other days it’s really the positive!



Justice in the Stadium Basement


Plus, laughter is good!


Ok… I know! That is a mean way to start the blog… if you happen to be a Cowboys fan. But it really does tie in to Our Blog today. I promise.

And by the way, the other day I was watching highlights on the NFL Network and heard the voice of Pat Summerall. It made me feel nostalgic. Kinda made me want to go to a store and “Tell them Pat Summerall sent me”.

I am sure there are some who have no idea who Pat Summerall was. Or why I would be wanting to go to a store and say “Tell them Pat Summerall sent me”. I might as well be writing about  meeting family at the airport gate or listening to an eight track tape. And yes, there was something called yellow page advertising. That went out right around the time CDs and cassette tapes were packed in storage. But I digress.

This is really about the Philadelphia Eagles and their old football stadium… and a courthouse in the basement.

Of course, there used to be funny pictures about Eagles fans that no longer apply. The glory of winning.


But they are still funny. So back to our story about justice at the stadium.

We travel to Philadelphia, when they played at Vet stadium. As “legend goes”, Eagles fans were already known for getting out of hand. These were the same fans who had booed Santa Claus and bombarded him with snowballs in 1968. (Here) Of course, they are also the same fans who obviously thought that being excited about winning the Super Bowl meant that it was ok to overturn cars and set fires in the middle of the street. I have never felt like celebrating like that, but maybe it’s just me.

On a Monday Night Football game against the 49ers in 1998, there were approximately 60 fistfights in the stands. Management and ownership had tried to stop the craziness by stopping beer sales in the 4th quarter and providing more security. Nothing was working. It was time to try something new.

Ownership decided to install a courtroom and jail on the premises, in the basement of the stadium. The fans, even by Philadelphia standards, were getting out of hand. On the opening day of this new “justice in the basement”, 20 fans were “processed”.

The way it worked, fans who were breaking the law at the game were taken to Eagles Court to see a judge immediately. They were usually caught in the act of some kind of drunkenness fighting, and basically forced to a guilty plea that led to a fine, somewhere between $150-$300 and/or community service.

More serious crimes would lead to serious criminal charges and court dates. Because it was considered a real court with real justice and law, those who wished to plead not guilty or request a lawyer would also be assigned a court date at the courthouse.

As the story goes, the very first person brought before the judge because of drunkenness in public, went through the process of a hearing/trial. After the judge heard the evidence of the conduct, he asked the man if he had anything to say before he would render his finding and possible sentencing.

The man was clearly drunk and reportedly rocking back and forth. There was even a question about whether he would remember this hearing the next day.

But, he obviously heard the judge. He paused momentarily before answering. The judge asked again, “Sir? Is there anything you would like me to consider or something you want to say?”. The man leaned forward and all of a sudden blurted out, “Troy Aikman is a fa**ot“”. Of course, he said it without stars!

And that started “justice” at the stadium. No word on whether a judge, who was probably an Eagles fan, was influenced by the verbal attack on the Cowboys quarterback.

And finally, for pic o’ day, I am staying with the football theme. This was posted Zach Schwartz. He noticed that a Red Robin cake somehow looks like the coach, Rob Ryan:



It’s Friday Crazy Time!

Here we are. Friday and we are in February. Yes! Because it seemed like January was 74 days long. Is that possible?


Sometimes you just need to rise above!


Just a preliminary. In case you did not receive a copy of our January newsletter… here it is (HERE) and also a way to subscribe.

So just a couple of things because I don’t want to take you on a major blog expedition. Just some thoughts.

This falls under the category of arms control. But not such a good ending. Around the middle of the 16th century, Hideyoshi, known as the peasant ruler of Japan, ordered that all the swords in the nation be collected… and melted down. The metal was then used to construct an enormous Buddha. Does that sound like a good idea?

It took 50,000 skilled workers more than six years to build the statue. Ten years later… an earthquake brought it down. No good! I guess that’s truly living in the present because there was no future for that statue.

How about this game? “Hot Cockles” was a popular game at Christmas in medieval times. No… not Hot Pockets (which is perfect if you just feel like burning the roof of your mouth)

Here’s Hot Cockles, in case you want to play it with friends and family this weekend. Players took turns striking the designated blindfolded player. The blindfolded player had to guess the name of the person who was hitting them delivering each blow. Just a friendly game… among friends who want to be enemies? How about some friendly “slappage”.

And finally, here’s some useful information. Did you know that the Donald Duck comics were banned from Finland… because he doesn’t wear trousers. Not even pants on the ground.

I hope you have a great weekend. These are the good days!!! And I hope your weekend includes some sit-down time! (I know what you are thinking. Apparently pictures that require magnifying glasses are really relaxing)





Rod Tidwell’s Brain Injury

First, a bit of work strategy to get us started!


The movie Jerry Maguire is filled with classic moments. Like the kid (character: Ray Boyd) who randomly asks Jerry Maguire, “Did you know the human head weighs 8 pounds?”. Or when Jerry Maguire asks Rod Tidwell, “Do you want this jacket? I don’t need it. I’m cloaked in failure.” because he had lost representation of the number one pick, the night before the NFL draft.

And anyone that has seen the movie or ever heard anything about it probably remembers the two quotes that became classics. “Show me the money” and “You had me at ‘hello’“.

But the real lesson from this movie is the mindset about brain injury, and thankfully how much awareness has changed since that movie. So let me summarize to make the point.

Near the end of the movie, Cuba Gooding Jr’s character (Rob Tidwell) suffers a horrible injury at the end of the “big game”. Gooding is unconscious for several minutes, while his  distraught wife watches in horror.



Then miraculously, he wakes up and celebrates. No longer a worry that he died in the endzone. Instead, he is breakdancing in the end zone. I am not a doctor, but that just seems like the worst possible move, after an apparent serious head-and-neck injury, just mere seconds earlier.


The point of that is how far we have come. In the early 2000’s, I was in the middle of a brain injury jury trial in Greenville County. The defense expert testified that my client’s concussion was merely like having “your bell rung on the football field”. I believe that doctor knew better than to minimize the concussion suffered by my client.

Now thankfully, we all have been more educated on how serious a concussion and brain injury really is. Not even Hollywood would have Rod Tidwell breakdancing off a stretcher.


And finally, this pic o’ day cracks me up!


A Moment in Time

I remember  the very first major league baseball game that I attended.  That might not surprise you.  But the fact that I remember the score might. In fact, here’s the game’s line score:


And I have even attached the boxscore! (Here) Which is probably only interesting to me. But, this is such a great memory. And life is about moments.

But why would I have such an indelible memory of this game? And how did I remember the exact date of the game? Well, the answer is the same for both questions. It comes from in a note about a Chicago White Sox third-baseman named Bill Melton:

“After attending Citrus College, where he also played football, Melton was signed by the White Sox in 1964 and reached the majors in 1968. He was the team’s starting third baseman the following Opening Day, in 1969 (replacing Pete Ward) and clubbed 23 homers that year. However, while he was a success at the plate, he struggled in the field. In 1970, he made 12 errors in his first 24 games at third. The twelfth error, misjudging a routine pop fly, broke his nose, and not long after he returned from the injury, he was moved to right field. From July 23rd to July 28th of that same summer, he struck out in 11 consecutive at-bats over the course of four games. Nonetheless, he ended the year with a White Sox record 33 home runs, sixth best in the American League

I remember sitting very high up. Almost at the top of Memorial Stadium in Baltimore. Sometime as described, I remember a high pop up around third base. Melton settled under it… and it came down right on his nose. He was knocked unconscious and was lying on the field for a while. Even as young as I was… that memory has always stayed with me.

I could not remember when I went to my first baseball game. So,  just “on a lark”, I decided to see if there was anything written about it. Sure enough, Bill Melton had it in his biography. One moment that impacted his baseball career. A broken nose!

This same kind of memory of events shows itself repeatedly in my law practice. Many times during depositions, the defendant will remember very little about the day of the crash. Conversely, my client will remember exact details because it impacted life.

That game night is a great memory for me. Not so much for Bill Melton.

And for pic o’ day, I still think that right now, this kind of shopping is occurring… or something like this?



Some Foreseeable “Seeables”

Do you feel relieved or depressed this morning? A mixture of both emotions is settling across the U.S. today. All that buildup of Christmas, and now you either took the tree down or pulled it out the door. Or… it has to be done! The foreseeability of after-Christmas emotion.

Here’s a starter picture for Our Blog on foreseeability:


If someone runs through the zoo and hollers, “The lions are loose. The lions are loose”. There might be some foreseeable reaction. Sure, it could get a laugh. Or, if the “warning” is believable, it could cause a stampede toward the exits. If it was a joke of a warning and someone trips and hurts themselves… the question of foreseeability probably becomes an issue in a lawsuit. Right?

I find myself already thinking about my goals for 2018. I intend to write a blog on it. I guess that’s what has made me think about foreseeability. Where will I find myself in a year?

Years ago, a well known absent-minded professor was looking for a ride, to take him to his next speaking engagement. He waved down a taxi and jumped in. The driver began hurriedly driving away from the curb. A thought then dawned on the scientist and he leaned forward and asked the driver, “Hey, do you know where I want to go?” “No, Sir” the driver shouted back, “but I’m driving as fast as I can!”.

I pause to realize how easy it is to just be in a hurry. The foreseeable future literally means “the before you are able to see”. So the importance of what I do right now, before I can see what will happen… can impact what will happen. Does that feel like a palindrome? (words or phrases that read forwards and backwards. like radar, kayak. This one really gets me: Madam, I’m Adam. )

What I do know is that Our Blog will continue, and it will continue with me regularly wandering… just like that last paragraph. That’s foreseeable! But I also want goals for the new year, so that I am not just going to see what happens… but that I arrive where I intend.  And so the thinking continues!

And for pic o’ day, how about how a kid might explain being in a hurry?





Lebron James and Equality?

I know this is half-crazy, but I cannot help myself. Let’s start the blog today with a picture that has graced our blog holiday entries for the last few years. It always makes me laugh when I look at it.



Now let’s get serious!

My Operations Director and her nine-year-old son were excited to go to the Wizards game on Sunday night. It was the perfect starting time: 6 p.m.

Our Firm seats are right next to the visitors bench on the end line. Literally, right next to the players. Sunday night’s game showcased the Wizards against the Cavaliers.

Lebron James decided to make a statement with his game shoes by wearing one black and one white shoe with the word “Equality” written on the back of both shoes. Here is the picture of the shoes that were taken from our seats.


You can see just how close the seats are from the bench.


From these seats, they were sitting within a few feet of Dwayne Wade; who sat there with his wrinkled shirt, too small and non-fitting sport coat, with Vans shoes. His whole ensemble must have set him back at least $180.

The reason I am irritated with Wade also includes why I knew that I probably should not attend the game. Although, I did not know that it was “Lebron Equality Night”. But I will come back to that.

At halftime, Lebron James changed back into matching playing shoes. As a capitalist, I suspect that he intends to sell those shoes for profit, or hopefully for a charity auction. Maybe they were just uncomfortable, and that’s why he changed.

Throughout the game, the Cavalier players would shout the “N word” at each other. Clearly… they used the real slang word, not the “The N Word”. As we know, that’s an expression that must not be used by “white people”. Apparently, that does not apply to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

For instance, Cavalier players  would holler, “N*** shoot the ball”. Or, “N*** play defense“. A curious selection of cheerleading words on a night that Lebron chose to wear his “Equality shoes”.

I knew that it was probably best that I not personally attend this game. I have some history there. The last Cavaliers game I attended was truly exciting. Except, that the players kept standing on the end line and intentionally blocking the vision of all those around me, from seeing the action on the floor. Imagine paying good money for seats, only to be blocked by players. Even the ushers were frustrated by their conduct and just shrugged their shoulders to me… but it was the Cavaliers. Last night, they did it again.

When the nine-year-old asked them to sit down, that’s when Dwayne Wade turned around with disgust and said, “that’s why the jumbotron is there“. Meaning, “you can look up at the screen over the scoreboard to see the game“. They repeatedly blocked the view of paying fans… because the ushers don’t know what to do about it.

I could have ignored all these events because it’s easier just to do so. In fact, that last Cavaliers game I attended; I came back bothered, but I just put it aside because I just so enjoy going to the games.

This time, I just thought it was blog worthy because it speaks to a larger theme. Why is there such racial divide? Why would a star basketball player feel the urge to make a statement in the nation’s capital by wearing “Equality Shoes”?

The media cannot understand how Donald Trump was elected president. I suspect that if he runs for reelection, the polls will show that he is behind the challenger. However, there is a faction of America that thinks that wearing shoes is not really about making a statement. It’s about actions. It’s about truly thinking of each other, even when there are no cameras there.

Sunday night, it might have been an example of the Cavaliers campaigning for Trump’s reelection, without realizing it. Maybe that’s why James put his shoes away at halftime. Or maybe it was just something else.

And for pic o’ day, this is one of those classics from elf on a shelf… who obviously is off the shelf!


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