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Casseroles and Turtlenecks (Or 2018 Thoughts)


As I drive toward my neighborhood, I now pass a temporary yard sign that says Be Kind.  I know that my reaction should be, “Isn’t that a great reminder”.

This is probably not the right thing to say, but that sign makes me think, “I wonder what made them put that sign up?” and “I wonder if their neighbors think to themselves that they should start being kind by being good neighbors, and take that sign down?“. And maybe even a part of me thinks “I wonder why they think they should tell me to be kind?“.  Yes, I know… that is not the reaction that I should have!

In writing Our year-end blog, I am consciously thinking about that sign. It’s not for me to tell you what your goals should be for 2018. Goals are personal.

Maybe you have just decided that in the coming year, you will not wear turtlenecks.

Maybe you are thinking that you want to eat more vegetables in the coming year. Does it count if you are eating vegetables, like they have at Ruth’s Chris Steak House? You know, the sweet potato casserole that is prepared with 12 sticks of butter and graham crackers. Or the broccoli and ice cream vegetable medley? (or something like that)

At the age of 101, Larry Lewis ran the 100 yard dash in 17.8 seconds setting a new world record for runners 100 years old or older. How is that for a goal?

Remember, I promised that I would not tell you what your goals should be. So maybe we call Our blog today… The no criticism goal zone!

Let me take you on a wandering thought tour. What I am thinking for the new year. But first, a New Year’s thought:


I am told that men in their twenties typically take it hard when their hair starts falling out. I fell into that eg0/insecurity twenty-something. I do applaud those who embrace baldness. I just didn’t.

So, I found myself at a doctor’s office for a hair transplant consultation. Soon, I had gone through several hair transplant “procedures” and I felt pretty good about the results. Looking back, it makes me shake my head (not so much my hair). One of those times I would have time-traveled back to tell myself not to do it! (We are still not quite finished with our time machine at the firm)

In February of 2008, I had a kidney transplant. As I left the hospital, they explained the anti-rejection medications that had to be taken. Then, they also explained the side effects. One specific pill could cause hair loss. At that moment, hair loss didn’t matter. Perfectly happy to take the medication! Hair loss was not important compared to the benefits of the medication.

It was true, I did suffer hair loss. Maybe it is medication related. Of course, I also like to say that I have summer hair. Some are here (hair) and some are gone. Boom!

I have written several “Resolutions” blogs over the past few years. Sometimes I list several goals I have for the new year and other times, just some general positive thoughts.

This year I made a personal list of several goals for the new year. One specific goal is much like that medication. To focus on the real things that matter and not get hung up on what doesn’t matter.  Much like the benefit of the medication instead of the detail of those side effects. Major on the major! Not to spend time thinking and majoring on the minor.

Buckling up, with my seat in the upright and locked position. Whenever things seem difficult, I want to focus on the big picture.

Yes… that’s why they are called goals!


I so wish you a very happy new year.  2018 is going to be a great year! I just know it! These are the good days!




Pictures, Thoughts and Goals 2017

New Year’s resolutions have a different meaning to each of us.


First, the word resolution has a little bit of a bad meaning to me. It’s basically a resolve to do better over the failures of last year. How can that be good? I’d rather think in terms of goals for the year.



Just my random thoughts, but maybe it’s acceptable for dogs to have resolutions. But I digress.


And there’s no sense in me discussing a goal of working out, or exercising more. That’s probably on everyone’s list. Right?img_0741

“So”, here are some of my thoughts for the new year. Thinking in the context of goals.

Initially, I started a list of goals for the blog. Like keeping better lists throughout the year. Almost like a Star Trek Captain’s log. Goals such as having more patience and reading my Bible more.

I even thought about focusing on being a better communicator. Not starting my sentences with So, or the old wind up to a sentence of  What happened was.  Similar to using the “speaking connector” of like. So, like do you know what I mean?

Then I thought about the concept of relaxing more. In fact, I do enjoy coming home and putting on my lounging pants. Which are really just furry over-sized pajamas. And believe me, as I thought about my lounging pants, I internally began to feel proud of my goals!

But the more I thought about the new year, the more I wanted to boil down my goals into one goal. And I did!!!! So here’s my thinking:

I decided to focus on my perception of life. That led me to the old slogan, “Is the glass half empty or half full?”. Then, that was my inspiration for my 2017 goal. To do a better job at looking at everything with optimism!

To view negatively or positively. Tt’s my choice.  For 2017, my goal is to try to be more positive and look at my circumstances as always “half full“.

We all have to find our own goals for the year. No one can do that for me. But as Henry Ford summed it up , “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t; you’re right“.

It’s going to be a great year!








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