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Judge Judy’s Son

Does having a mother for a Judge make you more or less inclined to file a lawsuit? Well, in this instance, the answer is yes if you are talking about Judge Judy’s son, who has filed suit against a sheriff. (NY Times) As additional consideration, Judge Judy’s husband, Jerry Sheindlin, was a New York state Supreme Court Judge, and also briefly served as a TV Judge on “The People’s Court”.  Parents as Judges!

I have to digress to note that Judge Judy Sheindlin currently earns $45 million-a-year in her  position as a TV Judge, so maybe she doesn’t really fit the usual Judge profile.(celebrity net worth) Maybe Levy is impacted by a mother who has been known to have a “bit of a bite” in her courtroom demeanor. She has said all of the following to individuals that have come before her in her courtroom: (from wikipedia)

Do I have ‘stupid’ written over my forehead?”  “I’m here because I’m smart, not because I’m young and gorgeous, although I am,” “If you live to be 100, you will never be as smart as I am, sir,” “Clearly you are not wrapped too tight,” “Where did you think you were coming to today, a tea party?!” “I’m speaking!” “If you interrupt again madam, your case is dismissed, and I’m throwing you out. Do we understand each other?” “I’ve been in this business for over 40 years,” “Do I look like I need help from you?” “That’s a lot of who shot John,”  “This is my playpen

Adam Levy

But I digress. Their son, Adam Levy, has filed a $5 million dollar defamation lawsuit against a sheriff that Levy claims improperly interfered with a rape prosecution. The subject matter of the suit relates to the prosecution of a personal trainer who was accused of raping a 13-year-old.

Levy claims in the lawsuit filed against the sheriff, that he defamed him by claiming that Levy used his position as Putnam County District Attorney to have an “improper involvement” in the prosecution of the rape charge.

The suit claims that there is “a simmering hostility” between Levy and the Sheriff’s office after Levy began to expand videotaping of suspect interviews. The personal trainer had previously stayed at Levy’s house, so there is an ongoing friendship that was prior to this prosecution.

Judge Judy, not surprisingly, decided to express her opinion on the matter. She added that her son is “principled, honorable and dedicated” and when someone attacks her son’s character, “they best be prepared to back it up. Shut up… or pay up”.

And now, after that long description, here’s something else to chew on. DID YOU KNOW that it is illegal to sell or chew gum in Singapore? This law was in response to gum being improperly placed under chairs and tables.

And for pic o’ day, I am jumping ahead of the curve here because I expect that you are having a hard time believing that gum chewing law.

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