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Shamrock Marathon with Photos

Saturday and Sunday brought runners from all over the world, to the Virginia Beach oceanfront for the Yeungling Shamrock Marathon. An event to raise money for Operation Smile.

My wife, Jackey, ran on Saturday in the 8k. I was perched at our condo,  waiting and watching for her to come around the corner.  My position was about 10 blocks from the finish line.

I was moved by the sense of accomplishment and determination of the endless sea of runners. Runners of all shapes and sizes were competing. It was really moving to see some,  peddling bikes with their hands, because they had lost use of their legs. They were not going to let life’s events keep them from the finish line.

On Saturday, a Charlottesville lady was the first woman to cross the 8K finish line. She was one of only two US runners to finish in the top 10. She averaged 5:23 per mile, finishing the 8K in 26:44. The first place finisher in Saturday’s 8K was Julius Kogo of Kenya, who finished in 22 minutes and 34 seconds . Now that is moving!

On Sunday, two course records were broken in the half marathon. Then, Jynocel Basweti from Ethiopia, won the Marathon in 2:22:57. When I saw these first runners go past the Condo, they looked like they were just gliding through the breeze. I think I look more tired when I use the remote to change channels.

The Shamrock is the oldest continuously running road race in Virginia Beach.  It serves as a qualifier for the Boston Marathon and is a runner favorite because of the flat running service. I like that they have water and lemon lime Gatorade at the hydration stations.

Below, I have attached some of the pictures that I took with the trusty cell phone. You can see my wife waving. Plus, you can see the chalk artists. On the boardwalk they had such things as “Run, Forrest, Run” and “Almost Finished”.

I put this in the blog because it really is an example of reaching goals. Each runner has a story. A reminder of the human spirit. I just think that insurance adjusters should be forced to come out and watch. It would remind them of life and that everything cannot be measured by a computer. Maybe they would think differently when evaluating claims.  Well,  just a thought.



Jackey and Laurie
Jackey and Laurie Waving
Half Marathon Leaders
Chalk Artists
Almost at the Finish Line


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