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Airport Stealing

While TSA is making passengers remove belts and shoes and throw away our bottles of water, JFK Airport reportedly has more than 200 baggage thefts per day.

I’m writing this blog as a warning. NBC in New York  just did an investigative piece on that airport and found that cash, jewelry, electronics and other personal belongings are being stolen at an alarming rate. If you click on the above story, I think that it might make you think twice about checking luggage. Apparently, expensive luggage is the primary targets but with that alarming amount of theft, it’s all fair game.

One quoted lawyer states that “the belly of the plane has become a flea market for airport employees”. JFK can’t be the only airport with this problem.  Supposedly, it’s happening on the tarmac, or as luggage is being loaded in the plane.

The airlines don’t want to report these thefts because of the impact on the industry. Experts say that more security cameras need to be installed wherever the luggage travels, including in the plane. Also, the Federal Aviation Administration needs to tighten standards including oversight and hiring requirements.

I think that there needs to be more transparency on claims of theft. We can look up leg room on a plane or whether an airline is on time. Why can’t we see claims made for theft of baggage items?

In the comments of the news story, there were several that attacked the people for having such items in their luggage. Another person questioned whether such items were really being stolen. It sounds like jury bias issues. Beyond the article, the comments are truly worth reading. Insight into thinking.

For pic o’ day I couldn’t make up my mind. We can go with two guys who obviously are not worried about their luggage on the plane:

Or, just remember to carry all your belongings with us:

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