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A Selfie… and Some Alcohol History

First, my dad sent me a selfie over the weekend. What is the world coming to?





Hahahahahaha. I couldn’t help it. I had to post it on my blog. 110 years from now when we read this blog together… I will still laugh!

Since it’s Monday and I am in the work weeds right now, I don’t want to write an epistle today. Still, there’s a piece of history that I want to mention.

Today in history in 1933, the 18th Amendment was repealed. More specifically, it became legal to drink alcohol again.

On November 18, 1918, Congress banned the sale of  beverages that had an alcoholic content of greater than 2.75%. On January 17, 1920, the 18th Amendment outlawed “the manufacture, sale or transportation of intoxicating liquors”. Curiously, it was still legal to drink alcohol. Sounds like some lobbyist got busy!

Many states didn’t enforce the amendment. Drinking did decline but bootleggers kept supplying until the amendment was repealed. The only Constitutional Amendment to ever be repealed.


And for our “official” pic o’ day, Amy M. sent one that shows that everyone knows that it’s time to buy the Christmas tree:


Don’t Drink Hand Sanitizer


We have been bouncing around ideas for a consistent end of week blog. We thought about a “Mug-shot of the week”. The photo here is from a DUI arrest in Will County, Illinois. Apparently, there is a nice collection of these type of photos on the Internet. That idea was voted down.

How about a “this day in history”. Well, that seems interesting but probably could be devoted to a separate twitter posting.

Sure, we could come up with a game like “Find the toupee in the pepperoni pizza picture”. You don’t come to the blog for games.

     After going through many levels of of mental maturation (I finally get to use that word. Sounds so much fancier then just going through the thinking process…. blog style), I realized that legal news already has it all. No picture is really worth a thousand words of legal news!  So, on with the normal blog….. or something close to that.

     This story  about government assistance and universal healthcare comes from Canada. An advocacy group is asking the Canadian government to fund free alcohol, to help curb the current problem of the drinking of hand sanitizer and mouthwash.

     A spokesman for the group, compares it to centers where heroin addicts are provided with safe syringes. This would be the same kind of protection for alcoholics.

     Preliminary estimates show that it would cost about $350 per month per drinker; but the group asserts that this represents a reduction from the current cost of emergency treatment for those drinking sanitizer and mouthwash.

     Under the plan, a proposed drinker’s lounge would be stocked with vodka, sherry and high-alcohol beer. No word on whether it includes a roller rink disco ball and some Barry White music.   

     In conclusion and for pic o’ day, let’s return to cow pictures. Nothing beats a cow playing a harp, does it?

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