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Monday’s Bacon Thoughts

This weekend was filled with traffic. At one point, we were traveling at 3 m.p.h. and it might have been slower. Did you see one of these signs in your travels?


Yesterday I was at the NBA playoff game between the Wizards/Hawks and experienced the full gamut of emotion. I would be happy, and then get angry.  Cheer and then holler. Ultimately, the Wizards won… and I was happy.

This is the same range of emotions that you might feel when you see this picture/post from It’s basically an attack on bacon. One of those thoughts where even if The Whole30 program tells you bacon is fine because its not dairy or sugar, that you might decide to go Whole29 instead, and leave the day of bacon out. Just a thought.


Does this make you mad or cheer? Glad you don’t smoke? Mad that it now makes you want to have bacon, because you weren’t thinking about it until now.

I have to admit that I am not one to judge. I am feeling tubby after this Easter weekend of buffet activity and the remaining collection of fixins. I probably would have been thinner by just driving over to Bob Evans and having the Candy Bacon. The new breakfast dessert, they say!

But Monday is a new eating week! Positive Influences! And the weather is amazing, except for the rain forecast. I already feel better just thinking about Monday!


And for pic o’ day, this is curiosity that makes me laugh!


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