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The Lazy Blogger

It’s been one of those, where I am trying to type a blog, review some legal documents and also make some phone calls. That’s a recipe for sheer blogging laziness. When that happens, I usually turn to some pending lawsuit stories. They are fascinating to me, and I can summarize without any real creativity. So, here goes some typing laziness.

Our first story comes from the confused taste buds aisle. Lean Cuisine has announced a recall of the Dinner Selects Chicken Fettuccine. Instead of chicken, they shipped Lemon Garlic Shrimp. Bad for the taste buds and worse for someone who is allergic to shrimp. Also bad for the husband who is afraid to say, “Honey, this doesn’t taste right.”

The next story is quite a relief to us all because we now know who owns the word “tweet”. News from the unknown. Apparently, Twitter and Twittad were in a legal fight over who owned the trademark for “Twitter”. I had to look up Twittad to learn that it involves a company that helps advertising on Twitter. After much legal wrangling, they’ve resolved their differences and Twitter is the owner. Next thing you know, someone will be stealing the word Twinkies. Someone needs to step up and stop that word stealing.

Finally, this last one caught me by surprise. Harrisburg, the capitol of Pennsylvania, has filed a rare chapter 9 bankruptcy. They are listing liabilities of 500 million and assets of 100 million. They say that they are having financial difficulties like many other businesses. Now, I’m not sure where this is headed but I don’t think the goodwill of being the capitol is for sale. If it is, wouldn’t it be kinda fun to attempt to bid on it and then assign that to Short Pump, Virgina. Make Short Pump, the capitol of Pa. Seems more exciting than bidding on the metal chairs.

Now, Pic O’ Day. Maybe Harrisburg can use Chapter 9 to change their name to Fantasy Island.

Puttin’ on the Ritz

     The BBC had a sitcom titled “Keeping Up Appearances“. The main character, Hyacinth Bucket, insisted that her last name be pronounced with more style, “Bouquet”.

     The entire premise of the show was about social climbing and thus, keeping up appearances.. This even included that she would answer the phone, “The Bouquet residence. The lady of the House speaking.” 

     I was reminded of that TV series when I read the Richmond Times Dispatch article regarding the bankruptcy of one time socialite, Patricia Kluge. Now, I am not trying to be judgmental of this filing. Many people are also going through hard times.

     The news article discussed that she and her current husband  just met with creditors and the appointed bankruptcy trustee, to review their chapter 7 bankruptcy filing. The bankruptcy filing currently lists 2.65 million in assets and 47.5 million in liabilities. Quick math tells me that this is a deep hole of debt.

     Here’s where the idea of keeping up appearances popped in. The couple, in their filing, are seeking Court approval of their bankruptcy filing. They have also listed that they currently have $15,698 in monthly income; and beyond the liabilities that they want discharged, they have on going monthly expenses of $20,750.

     This is like the problems facing our government. It’s hard to cut back. At the same time, neither republicans nor democrats can agree on how to move forward.

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