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Best of Bieber-A Good Night’s Sleep

Joel is in Richmond Circuit Court for trial; therefore, the following blog is one from “Best of Bieber”. That means that Joel took a short blogging break and the JB Social Media team picked out the following blog. Plus… there is a new pic o’ day, but no one is taking responsibility for that. Hope you will read for the first time… or read again.


“I wish I could get a good night’s sleep”. I’ve heard it and I’ve said it.

I just received my “ESPN The Magazine” and flipped it open. Inside is an article by Peter Keating that discusses a recent Stanford study. Stanford researcher, Cheri Mah, did a study on sleep and wrote an article titled “Snooze you win? It’s true for achieving hoop dreams, says study”



In 2002, Mah was researching the effects of sleep on Stanford students. Just by coincidence, the study included several student collegiate swimmers. She initially picked students because of their unusual sleep habits.

The students were told to just “get a good night’s sleep” before their competition. The swimmers ultimately reported personal best times, during the periods of the study that they received the most sleep.

The research took another step in specifically studying 11 basketball players between 2005-2008. The study required that the players alternate their sleep ; sometimes taking required naps and other times sleeping as much as 10 hours a night.

During the sleep study, players were asked not to drink coffee(Guess I would have a difficult time without the coffee!) or alcohol. Over the course of five to seven weeks, it was proven that sleep effected performance. In fact, players were able to sprint faster in timed testing; Shooting accuracy improved and the athletes indicated that their focus was greater.

The simple result is that more sleep meant better performance. Mah described results as showing that optimal sleep ”is an unrecognized, but likely critical factor in reaching peak performance”. In the Journal titled “Sleep”, she and her colleagues described that our internal clocks release certain hormones that act as though a person is taking performance enhancing supplements.

Extensive research shows that not getting enough sleep, described as sleep debt; impacts cognitive function, mood and physical performance. It also applies to the damages that people experience when they are in pain, and simply cannot get a good night’s sleep.

I’ve always known that sleep is important. When clients describe problems that they are having, they usually don’t say “I can’t get to sleep”. They do describe emotional issues, focus and concentration, and anxiety. It really is a true measured damage from a car crash that doesn’t necessarily show up in a doctor visit or as part of a medical bill. A good reminder to me, get more sleep!

Now for pic o’ day, even Ambrose was disappointed in Joel not getting to his blog.


What’s Up Blog?


I suspect that you are not sure what to expect when you come to the blog. Some days, I have a new blog and other days they post “Best of”. Well, I really want new blogs but I have been scrambling on some cases.

My mom sent the above picture from her cousin, Phyllis. I thought that it probably reflects your expression when you come to the blog and see the old stuff. I promise new. We just figured that we could borrow a little from the past 1000. Thanks for staying with me through the repeats and the new.

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