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This and That From the Notebook

A Franklin, Tennessee lawyer named Drew Justice was in a word battle during a criminal trial. The prosecuting attorney filed a motion with the Judge that sought to keep defense lawyer Justice from referring to the prosecutor as “the government” during the trial. Justice filed his own motion that requested that the prosecutor only refer to him as “Captain Justice” or “Guardian of the Realm”. I think the Judge just told both of them to move on… Motions denied!

The NY Times reports that Florida Governor Rick Scott intends to appeal a recent decision of U.S. District Judge Mary Scriven, who overturned a Florida law that required welfare recipients to submit to drug tests. The state had argued that there was a special need to test welfare recipients because there was a perception that the welfare population are drug users. The opposing argument in ruling against required drug testing, per the Judge’s ruling was that it “would allow the rule against warrantless, suspicionless drug testing”.

The drug testing requirement was in effect from July 1, 2011 through October 24, 2011. During that time, 4000 people were drug tested and only 108 tested positive for drug use. Some have also pointed to recent members of Congress for using drugs and driving while intoxicated. The question is then asked, “Since they are being paid by the government, shouldn’t all Congress be drug tested as well?”.

A blog note… I won’t be able to blog next week but I intend to be back the week after. I promise to be back with my pen (well, maybe it’s my typing fingers) in full research and writing mode!

DID YOU KNOW that President William H. Taft had a bathtub installed in the White House that was big enough to hold four people. He did so because he was unable to fit in the one that had already been installed. Yes… he was a big man.

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