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And… It’s Friday… Again

I admit it. I feel lazy. So much so that I almost didn’t blog today. Then I realized; I have to, it’s Friday. Plus, Friday is a good day to blog about nothingness. What’s odd is that it seems like I am writing a Friday blog every three days. Like going to bed and sleeping fast.

So here’s the quick Friday blog topic. It’s actually a bit of an ode and a tip of the cap to Michael Delligatti. “Who?” you say.

I write about him because I just saw that Michael Delligatti passed away. (obit) Well, I really write about him because he was the iconic creator of the world famous Big Mac at McDonald’s. You might have seen that the Big Mac is trending on social media, but it’s still fun to look back at him and his idea. (Wall Street Journal) Plus, he lived to the age 98! That must say something about Big Macs being really good for you… or not so much?

Part of his “invention” story that I particularly like, is that McDonald’s corporate headquarters was initially against the idea. Especially using a triple-deck bun with sesame seeds. They thought it would be too sloppy.  He went ahead with it anyway, without approval. Of course, the rest is burger history. A great success story for our Friday blog!

So… that leads us to pic o’ day. How about some political humor?



I know, you are just shaking your head. Have a great weekend!

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