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Don’t Just Pay

How often do you receive a bill, and then the vendor says, “Never mind”? Probably not very often, but it just happened to me.

By the way, is it nevermind or never mind? I googled it and nevermind is not a formal word, but grammarist predict that it will be readily used in the future. Because this paragraph was not very interesting, I know you won’t click (here) for a discussion of the two words. So… never mind.

It’s one of those paragraphs that you didn’t see coming. Kind of like:


On to our continuing bill collection story:

I received a medical bill for 248.49. It showed no entry of payment from insurance. But the bill indicated that it had been submitted for payment to my insurance, and that was what I owed. However, it just did not make sense. How did insurance make no payment?

A call to the doctor’s billing rendered our answer. No, it had not been submitted to insurance. Just ignore that bill. Never mind!

My original first inclination was just to send payment because it said that I owed it. I am blogging on this because it served as a reminder to me, don’t just pay it just because it says so.  It seems to me that the more I question, the more things make me question.

Honestly, that call was just one of those times that just made me feel good.


It’s just good to be awake!


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