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Let Me Tell You a Secret

Here’s what will happen this morning. I will walk into the office and see Dennis. He will complain that my blog “had no meat to it”. He wants me to always recite some history in the blog.

Instead, this morning I am just too tired. He and I went to the Washington Wizards game last night and came back to Richmond too late. So the only thing that feels like history? Me! (And the Wizards lost.  No good!)

Still, I must blog! So today, I am posting a story from the New York Times that tells us that working longer, as in years not hours, causes us to live longer. See… it’s not a blog about working out more.


It’s an interesting read. Staying up longer clearly does not make me feel like I am going to live longer. More coffee please!

And for pic o’ day…


Sissyphus Blogging

Greek Mythology tells us the story of Sisyphus.(Wikipedia) Sisyphus was the king of Ephyra. King Sisyphus promoted navigation and commerce but was avaricious and deceitful. But, he took great pleasure in killing travelers and guests.

The story even gets crazier, if you click on the link, you will learn of his exploits and deceit. He foolishly thought that his intellect surpassed the mighty Zeus. When his ego, pride and hubris finally got the best of him, he was dragged to the underworld for an eternity of punishment. To this day he remains there, just rolling a heavy boulder up a steep hill and then watching it roll back down. Sentenced to that repeated event for all eternity.

Here is a picture from an old vase that depicts events of Sisyphus.


Yes, it’s fair to wonder why I am writing about Sisyphus. And yes, part of the answer is my fascination with such a name. You would think that his name was punishment enough.

The real application is directly tied to the blog. First, I hope that you have had a chance to see our new website. I say that because it caused me to lose my written blogs. Somewhere in the transition to the new website, they disappeared and I can’t even remember their topics. So, I compare my blogging today to the plight of Sisyphus.

I rolled the blog writing up the hill and it just came rolling back down. And those blogs are lost to eternity.

Yes, this is a Friday blog… only worthy of a Friday. Have a great weekend!!!!

And for pic o’ day… team reading!


Not On the Lam!

I was going to start the blog by saying that I am going On the Lam. Then, I searched it to realize that it basically relates to a criminal who is fleeing arrest or is a fugitive from the law. So… change of plans. Not On the Lam.

It’s one of those old English expression that has changed over time. It used to be more associated with leaving or departing. Hence…

Our Virginia licensed lawyers are going to the Greenbrier in West Virginia, for a Virginia Trial Lawyers conference. They move it to different locations each year but this is one of my favorite places.

As is our firm custom, we always get together for dinner on Thursday night and tonight we are eating at the golf course restaurant. Good food without having to get too dressed up.

I will try to come back with Monday’s blog with more wisdom and creativity. More realistic is that I will come back with a few more pounds because of the good food!

In the meantime, if you did not receive or read our March eBlast here, I am attaching for “quick click” ease. You can also subscribe to the monthly eBlast here or if you are not receiving my daily blog in your email, you can subscribe here.

Ok, that’s probably too many “heres”. I know it’s too early for it but it always feels good to say… I hope you have a great weekend!!

And for pic o’ day, this negativity makes me laugh:



This and That From the Notebook

A Franklin, Tennessee lawyer named Drew Justice was in a word battle during a criminal trial. The prosecuting attorney filed a motion with the Judge that sought to keep defense lawyer Justice from referring to the prosecutor as “the government” during the trial. Justice filed his own motion that requested that the prosecutor only refer to him as “Captain Justice” or “Guardian of the Realm”. I think the Judge just told both of them to move on… Motions denied!

The NY Times reports that Florida Governor Rick Scott intends to appeal a recent decision of U.S. District Judge Mary Scriven, who overturned a Florida law that required welfare recipients to submit to drug tests. The state had argued that there was a special need to test welfare recipients because there was a perception that the welfare population are drug users. The opposing argument in ruling against required drug testing, per the Judge’s ruling was that it “would allow the rule against warrantless, suspicionless drug testing”.

The drug testing requirement was in effect from July 1, 2011 through October 24, 2011. During that time, 4000 people were drug tested and only 108 tested positive for drug use. Some have also pointed to recent members of Congress for using drugs and driving while intoxicated. The question is then asked, “Since they are being paid by the government, shouldn’t all Congress be drug tested as well?”.

A blog note… I won’t be able to blog next week but I intend to be back the week after. I promise to be back with my pen (well, maybe it’s my typing fingers) in full research and writing mode!

DID YOU KNOW that President William H. Taft had a bathtub installed in the White House that was big enough to hold four people. He did so because he was unable to fit in the one that had already been installed. Yes… he was a big man.

And for pic o’ day and feeling good with appearance:

looking good

Secrets and No Confidence

I titled this blog “Secrets and and No Confidence” because it involves the duty that a lawyer owes to a client, even after the matter of representation has ceased. In this instance, we also see a difference with a U.S lawyer and one overseas.

Let’s go across the pond where we see how the British treat secrets. A British lawyer (Guardian) has been formally rebuked and fined for violating a secret and confidence of a client. He revealed to his best friend’s wife that the author of the Harry Potter series had written a new novel under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith.

Once that news hit, the new novel’s sales began to skyrocket but it defeated the purpose of J.K. Rowling, who had hoped to show that she could successfully write without her past success propelling her. When she heard that her secret was out, she sued both the lawyer and the friend who had broadcast the news.

In the U.S. there probably would have been a greater ethical issue with this disclosure. Lawyers are not fined by the bar for an ethical violation, except to the extent of being responsible for the cost of a hearing relating to an ethical charge. I am not sure that Rowling would have much of a civil suit because it sounds as though she benefited financially by having the secret disclosed to the public. Still, how frustrating to have your lawyer let you down.

One final note, I couldn’t bring myself to write another blog on New Year resolutions. Still, wouldn’t it be a good thing just to be known to be able to keep a secret.

And for pic o’ day, it’s getting all dressed up and no where to go:


Tuesday and Then

The countdown is on. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. Typing Tuesday means that it is getting closer. This is one time that I am glad that the Federal government stepped in and declared that Thanksgiving would be every 4th Thursday of November. In fact, I’d be happy with every 3rd and 4th, but I digress.

As you can see, this is my excuse for a blog. I basically am going to be posting pictures and rambling for the rest of the blog week. We did just finish the November digital newsletter. It has plenty of randomness too. If you did not receive it in your in box and you want to (shameless plug), then click HERE to get it sent to you.

Well, I promised a Thanksgiving picture and they crack me up…

squirrel thanks

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