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Rolex Bob?… and Bias

If I start the blog with a discussion of the Pythagorean theorem, you will scroll right down to the pic o’ day. Admit it! Right? (Notice how everyone is now saying Right?)

So instead, I take you to the world of Bob McDonnell. I draw from the Washington Post . The article tells the story.  U.S. attorney’s office recommends putting Robert McDonnell on trial again. Now, what is your reaction to that?

Honestly, I wasn’t really that interested in the article. It just made me want to say, “Give me a break”. But, if you scroll down quickly, you can see the meat of the reasoning for the U.S. Attorney’s office. It’s based on Justice Roberts’ language in the Supreme Court opinion. (If legalese is boring to you… skip to the good stuff!)

The court decided that jurors were wrongly instructed on the meaning of the term “official act”.  In a bribery case, an official act “must involve a formal exercise of governmental power that is similar in nature to a lawsuit before a court, a determination before an agency, or a hearing before a committee,” Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. wrote that it must be “something specific and focused” and that the public official must make a decision or take an action on it, or at least agree to take action.

“Setting up a meeting, talking to another official, or organizing an event — without more — does not fit that definition of ‘official act,’ ” Roberts wrote. So that’s the basis for possible additional prosecution.
OK……. this is where the blog really begins!!!!

Here’s what I enjoyed reading in the article, because it’s a reminder of humanity. It’s found in the comments after the article.

People clearly see through their world (prism) of thinking and the comments at the end of the blog so show that.

If you are commenting as a pro-Republican, then somehow this is an attack on Republicans and should somehow be an attack on the Clintons. Hilary should go to jail for her emails; the Clinton Foundation and all things Democrat for the last 100 years.

If you are Democrat, you see the Supreme Court as Republican and bias in setting aside the conviction,  and that McDonnell should be re-tried and McDonnell is just smug anyway. And his smug picture in that borrowed car is just mystifying anyway.


What do others think, who don’t know if they are Republican or Democrat, or just don’t have a bias. It’s  just a waste of taxpayer money,  and it doesn’t matter anyway. And when is Bob going to get his Rolex watch back from the trial evidence? Ok, maybe I’m the only one wondering about the Rolex.

 And finally, for pic o’ day… it’s the result of a budget crisis!

A Thought on McDonnell

Yesterday  I led off with a mention of the Supreme Court’s ruling on Bob McDonnell. Lo and Behold, (I have always wondered who came up with Lo and Behold. I looked it up and learned that it comes from 18th century literature of “look and see”, which makes no sense to me. So, no charge for such blog inclusion!) … so back to our regularly scheduled programming of “Lo and behold”.

Anyway, it caught my attention that McDonnell’s conviction was vacated by a unanimous ruling of the Supreme Court. The Court did note that it found the case to be “distasteful” and full of “tawdry tales”. But, elected officials will breath a sigh of relief about free trips and free lunches with lobbyists now.

In the meantime, the government will have to decide if it will retry McDonnell. My guess is no. Also, Bob will be receive his full entitled pension; decide if he wants to get back into politics; or become president of either Regent University or Liberty University. That’s just my guess.

Also, the judge in the Federal court jury trial, Judge Spencer, will now always be remembered for this case and that his rulings were overturned. No judge likes to be overturned on appeal.

And what does Bob McDonnell think about the Supreme Court’s ruling. Well, apart from a great sense of relief, I think that his attorney verbalized it best when he said, “We thank the Supreme Court for unanimously bringing justice back into the picture for the McDonnells”. Now that’s a parting shot at Judge Spencer!

And for pic o’ day, maybe some “invitation advice for your July 4th picnic:



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