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It’s All Cake

I love the expression, “Life is uncertain, eat dessert first”. A good life mantra.

Today, we start the blog out with a picture about cake… and then we end with cake. I mean, come on, it’s cake!



See what happens when there is a lack of cake?

And on to the blog. It’s about today in history because it’s a bit surprising. Did you know that on this day in 1844, the YMCA was founded in Europe?

A young British clerk, George Williams, decided that he wanted to provide a place for clerks where they could read the Bible, relax, and find some decent lodging.That’s a far cry from the Village People singing “It’s fun to stay at the YMCA“. Not what the clerk had in mind!

Dial forward to 1851 when the YMCA found its way to the United States. In that year, Missionary Thomas Sullivan started a YMCA in Boston, Massachusetts. (a place normally known for bad football and unhappy and angry beer drinkers. Right?).

Exercise and gymnastics became a staple of the new YMCA. (I know you are asking, “but what about the cake?”) In 1891, a physical education instructor named James Naismith invented the game of basketball at a YMCA in Springfield, Massachusetts. In 1895, another YMCA instructor in San Francisco, W.G. Morgan, invented volleyball.

The YMCA is also credited with introducing the concept of night school and junior college. This organization with the intent of developing a healthy “mind, body, and spirit” list more than 57 million members. Once again, today in history is a reminder of what one man can do.

And now the promise of more cake… which is also good for mind, body and spirit:





Confidence, Connection and Cake

As I come to the end of the blogging week, it causes me to wander into the world of random. This time, I think that the three pictures tell the story better than I can.

First, I appreciate this demonstration of being confident in your work. For some reason, I cannot take my eyes off this one without thinking, “Is he crazy or confident?”. Elliot Wisbrod used multiple aliases in his lifetime. His business was selling firearms and equipment and he was very successful at selling to both police officers and the mob. The inventor of the bullet-proof vest.


And then, this pic o’ makes me feel connected to them. The eye contact is amazing. I guess that’s why they always recommend looking into the eyes… the windows to the soul!


And finally…. don’t we deserve cake? Have a great weekend!!!!


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