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Tanning Bed Warning

This is a story from Tech Times that hits close to home for me. That’s because I used to own a tanning bed in my 20’s and I bought into the propaganda that tanning beds were much safer than the sun.

The title of the article summarizes the study discussed. Melanoma And Indoor Tanning: Teens Who Use Tanning Beds Likely To Develop Skin Cancer Before Age 40.

A study that included adults between 25 and 49 years old has found that women who used sunbeds or tanning beds in their teen years have greater risk for developing melanoma at a young age. The University of Minnesota studied the possible link between the use of tanning beds and melanoma cases among men and women who were younger than 50 years old.

The findings of the study showed that women who used tanning beds as teens and during their 20s have up to six times of an increased risk for the deadly skin cancer, compared to people who did not tan indoors.

For their research, the University studied data on 681 individuals had been diagnosed with skin cancer. This data was then compared with those in a research control group of volunteers.

The data from the study showed that the women in their 30s had more than three times of a risk in developing melanoma if they tanned indoors. The risk is more than two-times higher in women who are in their 40s.

The article attached above shows more specifics on the study. But, it’s a reminder that just because people say something is safe… doesn’t mean that its safe. Even if the government does not warn us with some regulation.

And for pic o’ day, A photo of lack of planning?. Have a great weekend.


Completely Personal

This is a full week that includes lots of casework; Attending an Orioles game. And even doing some TV production later in the week. I could blog about each of those.    However, every now and then, something comes along that trumps all of that.

Last week, we celebrated my dad’s last radiation treatment. He rang the bell! It had been such a climb up the mountain for him with 44 treatments, that he said that he didn’t even know how to feel.  Just taking that last step of finishing… congratulations Dad!


(Mom put these together. The last one is Dad and his doctor)

Talcum Powder & Antidepressants

Usually,  I discuss a news story or case in the blog. Today, two quick-hitters relating to a product, and some medications.

First is a discussion of some antidepressants. Specifically, this relates to Celexa, Lexapro, Luvox, Paxil, Prozac and Zoloft. All are prescribed for the treatment of depression.

Studies have shown an increased risk of heart birth defects in children, born to mothers who took these antidepressants during their first trimester. Most of the heart defects observed in these studies were atrial or ventricular septal defects .These are conditions where the wall between the right and left sides of the heart does not completely develop.

The Second blog discussion relates to Talcum Powder that is manufactured by Johnson & Johnson. It is sold under the name of Shower to Shower baby powder. A Harvard medical doctor says that he has studied the link between talc and cancer for 30 years and believes that talc is the likely cause for as many as 10,000 cases of ovarian cancer each year. To date, Johnson & Johnson has failed to issue any warning relating to this doctor’s findings.

Now to switch gears to pic o’ day, I thought that I would go with some  “truth humor”.



Dental Radiation

     I walked by two different paralegals this morning, and noticed that they were viewing web pages on their computers that had nothing to do with work. I say that because I can’t imagine that Kate Gosselin or “how to make a meatless sandwich” is part of a litigation case or a settlement package.

     I noticed that when they heard my footsteps, they both quickly clicked to something else that was firm related. Maybe they think that I am oblivious. In fact, I understand that no one is completely focused at all times. I have issued no policies to restrict personal calls and I don’t keep my staff from going on the Internet. In fact, my computer team wanted to know if I was going to install some filter to keep employees from going to job search sites. For me, good employees will police themselves regarding the Internet and if someone wants to leave, then let’s roll out the red carpet. I only want good workers who want to be here.

     I guess I’m more bothered about the “quick click” from the non-work websites. If my presence causes that, then maybe there should be a question about going there. Plus, it just feels a little dishonest. I was impressed with the amazing quick wrist capabilities. How do you like how I’m using my blog for employment coaching within the office?

     Again, I used this long introduction to get to the question of safety at the dental office. I just was there for a teeth cleaning. Hopefully actions now will keep it from just being a tooth cleaning in the future. Of course, I could barely get in the chair without the announcement that I needed to have dental x-rays. I wondered whether it would ever be possible to have my teeth checked when I go through airport security.

     I have been reading a lot about too many x-rays and whether the benefits outweigh the radiation. I was faced with the decision of whether I should just let the teeth fall out of the head or subject myself to the x-rays. I know the suspense is building.

     The dental hygienist told me that the x-rays were safe because dental x-rays have far less radiation. Of course, she did admit that she got that information from the x-ray machine technician or salesperson. She wasn’t sure. Since I doubt motives when profit is involved, I came back to research and this is what I found.

    This page from the FDA, highlights that such exposure is cumulative. I was a little more relieved after reading it. The impact of many is worse than little, but that’s no surprise. The faster the machine at the dental office, apparently the safer  it is.  If you are an adult, every 3 years is probably good enough; teens at 2 years and children are every one to 2 years.

     One idea I had not thought of is that they recommend rinsing your mouth before and after the x-rays. Also, ask to wear the iron apron. Don’t ask to take that home because it matches with something you already own. (just seeing if you’re still with me). One other thing, it is like the sun a bit in that it can also cause skin cancer at certain levels.

     I am always fascinated by teeth cleaning “deals”. It always feels like the 2 liter bottle of Pepsi to get me to the grocery store. The loss leader item then starts the x-ray, teeth whitening or veneer sale. In the end, they usually give me a tooth brush and some little floss as my “lovely parting gift”. Why can’t they give me licorice instead since I did have the x-rays today?

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