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Brain Myths

At the firm, we represent several clients who have problems after hitting their head in a car crash. Sometimes, it may have been the airbag that causes an issue. Other times, it could be the acceleration/deceleration of the crash.

The airbag is something that probably saved their life or at least lessened any physical visible damage, but the force of the airbag can sometimes cause brain injury issues. The brain injury symptoms can become more readily apparent, days after the crash.

With clients having these issues, it causes me to read and research new information that the medical community produces. Also, now that the military recognizes brain injury issues, there is fortunately more attention that is being brought to these issues. No longer is someone just referring to it as “no big deal, it’s just having your bell rung”, as one defense expert proudly announced in one of my trials.

With that backdrop, I came across an article titled 5 Brain Myths That Won’t Go Away, that discusses some interesting brain information. I have attached the article,. I am not vouching for its findings. But here are the 5 myths:

Myth 1: Alcohol kills brain cells.

Myth 2: You are either right or left-sided dominant.

Myth 3: You only use 10 percent of your brain. (Apparently contrary to the Lucy movie now playing)

Myth 4: Brain damage is permanent. (the article does discuss that some brain damage is permanent)

Myth 5: Your IQ is a fixed number.

Scientist continue to study how the brain works. Knowledge will help us recognize the silent epidemic of brain injury and brain damage.

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