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Just Some Rambling

We are making progress on the blog delivery because our team has been working together. Yes, I must post a picture again of the team!


Just a couple quick thoughts today. First, I was recently forwarded the wording from a Batman Halloween costume box that said the following: “PARENT: Please exercise caution. Mask and chest plate are not protective. Cape does not enable wearer to fly.”

I know that lawyers get blamed for a lot of things. I think this warning can be blamed on a silly manufacturer. Unless, they have received claims from silly parents!

Second, yesterday I was repeatedly asked what I thought about the election. Normally, I am not asked political questions while getting coffee or eating lunch. Still, I saw one answer to that question that made me laugh. “We recently had a white president, and then a black president; now, we’ll have an orange president”. Boom!


And for pic o’ day I am posting a cat picture, because no one on the Internet ever posts a cat picture:


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