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Remember the Cows

If you drive down Monument Avenue in Richmond, Virginia, you find statues that have stirred controversy. That’s because several are from the Civil War and there have been circulated petitions to push for removal of these statues because of the connection of the Confederate flag/slavery and these Confederate leaders. But, the statues remain.

But, in a monument more reminiscent of the Chick-fil-A  cows comes  ( a news story titled PETA Petitions Arkansas Highway Department To Erect Roadside Cow Memorial. We learn that PETA  has sent a letter to the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department to ask permission to build a 5-foot-tall tombstone memorial.

According to a press release from PETA, they want to erect the tombstone/monument at the site of a truck crash that injured and killed several cows last month. The crash along Highway 5 in Arkansas  “killed and grievously injured numerous cattle”. The tombstone is proposed to have an image of a cow with the words “In Memory of the Cows Who Suffered and Died at This Spot, September 2016. Try Vegan.”

According to the release, the memorial would serve as a reminder to drivers that safety is important when traveling with animals. In addition, they are aiming to promote a vegan lifestyle to “prevent further animal suffering and death”.

If you are fascinated by this story, I think you will be even more fascinated by the comments of the readers at the end of the story. You’ll see who has beef with this monument.

And for pic o’ day, I thought this was relevant with all the weather talk:


Chicken Motives

Most workdays, I get to the office rather early. Sometimes, I am a little later and pass the Chick-fil-A cow. I have even blogged about it because I always honk the horn in friendly cow mode. I usually get a friendly hoof wave.

Since they make me root for chickens, I have come to realize that there is something about chickens that make me laugh. Maybe because they have a comb and no hair. Maybe it’s because scientist say that chickens form friendships and ignore other chickens that they do not know.







Plus,I always did enjoy the story of Chicken Little waiting for the sky to fall. I wonder if the Cows enjoy that story?









So, I know you’re wondering how I got here in the blog. Well, since I pass a friendly cow  on the way to work, that sells chickens; and then Brandie sent me a suggestion for pic o’ day, it made me think that this would be a good Friday blog. Here’s Brandie’s pic o”

Lawyer Acts Like the Cows



   I always laugh when I see the Chic-Fil-A ads. First, cows make me laugh. When I was on the farm and the cow was trying to kick me;  Well, that wasn’t so funny. Plus, why do cows get out of bed so early?  Now, I seem far removed from that swinging hoof.

     Second, the ads are funny because cows are supposedly “holding meetings” and standing on billboards, in an attempt to encourage us to buy more chicken. It’s self-serving because the cows don’t want you to eat beef. We don’t even mind it. Self-serving seems funny. Now, you’ll see why those cow ads came to mind. Plus, I’d like to work those cows into my blogs on a regular basis anyway.

      State Senator John DeFrancisco (R-NY) is a lawyer. In the New York legislature, he has recently introduced a bill that would increase the percentage of legal fees that a lawyer can charge in medical malpractice cases. Can you hear “mooing in the background?

     Currently, the New York law caps what lawyers can charge, based on the total amount of recovery in a malpractice case. Right now, a lawyer can receive 30% of the first $500k recovery and then the fee goes down, to about 10% thereafter.

     The proper argument is that the legislature should not cap or impact a contract between individuals. Or, argue that if you are going to limit what a plaintiff’s lawyer can charge, then the legislature should limit what defense lawyer can bill per hour. Fair is fair. You can rest assured that the Big Defense Firms would not make that trade.

     Instead, the current legislation has potentially caused individuals some difficulty in finding representation. It may not have been portrayed that way but I’m sure there were some Medical Lobbyists who got a good laugh out of this legislation.

     Those are the good arguments. Conversely, no one feels sorry for lawyers who complain that they are not earning enough. Plus, a legislator who is a lawyer, is not the most effective communicator for this kind of bill. Instead, this story will be portrayed as “Lawyer wants more money”. 

     It’s ok to have cows selling chicken. I just think that there might have been a better spokesman for the cause on legal fees. Maybe a non-lawyer who was hurt by bad medicine.  Anyway, all of a sudden, I have a real hunger for one of those Chic-Fil-A sandwiches. I hope they don’t raise the prices!

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