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Monday’s Debate Talk

Some think it’s the Super Bowl of politics. Tonight is the Presidential campaign debate where Clinton and Trump will face off at Hofstra University. The debate is scheduled as a 90 minute commercial free head-to-head.

Political strategists and TV executives are predicting a TV audience of over 100 million. The previous highest viewing audience for a presidential debate goes all the way back to the days of Ronald Reagan versus Jimmy Carter in 1980. That was about 80 million.

We now have the possibility of turning to several channels before the debate to hear pundits tell us what each candidate must do to win the debate. Then, after the debate, we can turn to various channels to be told what we just watched. It’s nice that we don’t even have to think anymore. Tomorrow morning, we can learn who “won” the debate because of some flawed survey that allows some “expert” to charge for the after-debate survey findings to tell us what people think… so we know what to think.

To me, it seems that this presidential campaign seems to be more about who to vote against, rather than vote for. At least that’s how it seems to be playing out.   Plus, this debate seems to hold the possibility for insult and disaster rather than the possibility of learning something new about the candidates.

It’s about watching the debate tonight with the possibility of talking about the one-liners and zingers tomorrow. Happy Monday!


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