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Do Things Go Better With Coke?

Yes, I wish this was a blog about the virtues of macaroni and cheese pancakes or egg plant french fries. No, not cheese straws and hush puppies.  See… I have your attention now! Right?

I have recently spoken to a couple of people who have been successful in their weight loss goals. Both of them attributed part of their weight loss to, “I stopped drinking Coke”. Coca-Cola even admits that their drinks make you put on weight. (ARTICLE HERE)

Just something to consider from a Pharmacist:















And here is an article on why we are told not to drink diet soda. (Diet Coke) Not surprisingly, the reasons include depression, bad for your bones and teeth, and potentially bad for your heart. Of course there is the obvious of obesity and diabetes.

Just something for us to think about.

And for our pic o’ day, here are two kids’ pictures that make me smile:


















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