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Leaping Into My Office Chair

I titled the blog with a feeling of positivity. It shows excitement to be back to work. My wife and I were on a nine-day cruise through Maine and Canada. Nine days means you need to get your sea legs!

Cruises are obviously associated with lots of food. I’m not sure why they (food service) thought that I needed this many free white and dark chocolate strawberries delivered to the room. This was just one day’s delivery! Free strawberries! (I just noticed the Joel Bieber pen in the background. See!)


My confession? I am not posting pictures of the cupcakes that they delivered. My only defense is that I did not order them… and who wants cupcakes to go to waste?

The ship offers a bridge tour to show the brains of the ship’s operation. I found the ship’s steering wheel to be a bit underwhelming.


It is rare that the ship is guided manually. Normally the ship, Grandeur of the Seas, is guided by computer. There were approximately 2200 passengers and 800 crew. A lot of moving parts

At the end of the cruise, the chef was reciting all the food that was eaten during the trip. I was amazed. Of course, I amazed myself with my eating capability. Resume material!

I just rambled today to say that I am glad to back. Tomorrow, I will blog on one of the stops on the cruise. Every place has its curious history.

For our pic o’ day, I am posting one of the Chris Christie memes. If you haven’t read about how he closed the beach and still enjoyed it, here is the Washington Post story . Personally, I felt a bit like this during the cruise. Well… maybe a little “non-svelte”? Now he has become a national joke posting.


A Familiar Hat

Our Firm gives out a lot of promotional Joel Bieber items. For instance, I try to leave a Joel Bieber pen whenever I eat at restaurants. That leads to a story that was told to me yesterday that made me smile.

The father of one of our lawyers in the Richmond office, recently went on a cruise that left from the port of Jacksonville, Florida. During the travel of the first day at sea, he was walking around while wearing a Joel Bieber hat. It is one of my favorite promotional items.

As he was preparing to get in line for the noon buffet, another man walked up to him to ask about his hat. He told the man that his son worked at the Firm in Richmond. In response, the man asking about the hat smiled, “Well, my daughter works as a paralegal at the Joel Bieber Firm in South Carolina”.

And for pic o’ day, if you like Lab puppies then…

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