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My Movie Review in Lounging Pants

This blog is a movie review. How about that for a blog?

It was Saturday. I had my lounging pants on and snow was falling. Finally time to watch the 2016 Deepwater Horizon movie. I am ready to enjoy entertainment. Of course, I knew it was about the BP spill. And can a story about a drilling rig really be exciting?

That’s what had kept me from watching it for so long. I just didn’t think it would be that interesting. But it’s a lazy snowy Saturday afternoon.

Amazon made me buy it instead of renting it, so I typed in the purchase code and it was ready to go. Now, I own it. I’m not sure why… but I own it.

Initially it started a little slow. Except for the bird hitting the helicopter in the beginning, I wasn’t that into it. That did kinda startle me. Then the movie grabbed me. As the story progressed, it made me angry. The greed of BP. Profit over safety.

That’s my movie review. The true story of an oil drilling rig called Deepwater Horizon. I give it 2 thumbs up!


And for pic 0′ day, here’s a bit of crazy mixed with safety:


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