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Reading Obits Including Flathead’s

I’ll admit it. I still read the obituary section. I read it when I read the “real newspaper” instead of reading it online.

Usually, an obituary is filled with praise and the value of a life. What I am about to write was one of those notations that almost didn’t make it to the blog. Then, I decided that I’ve done a few serious Long blogs in a row; So, I took the serious and let someone else write about it… in their own obituary.

Let’s turn to Michael “Flathead” Blanchard’s obit. I have posted it (here) from a Colorado paper; so you can read it in its entirety, if you don’t believe me. No, I wasn’t reading the obits way out there, but it’s one of those that garnered some attention. “Flathead” wrote the initial draft, so this is apparently how he wanted to be remembered. I just hope he was ready to meet his maker.

The cause of death in the Blanchard Obituary, is being “stubborn, refusing to follow doctors’ orders and raising H*** for six decades”. It lists his cat “Chopper” as his son. It notes that “many of his childhood friends that weren’t killed in Vietnam went on to be criminals, prostitutes and Democrats”.

It did credit him with being a community activist and that “he defended those who could not defend themselves”.  He was a Republican delegate, member of the National Rife Association and President of the Dead Cats MC. His obituary noted that the reason that it was unusual was that he was tired of reading obituaries about  “someone’s courageous battle with death”.

Honestly, I have only given a sample. There is a whole lot more.

Normally, I come to the end of the blog and try to add my two cents. His brother told the Denver Post that “He lived every minute to the fullest and then some”. The family decided to post the obituary on the one year anniversary of his death and to now hold a memorial service.  Maybe the morale of the story is that he should have followed his doctors’ orders. (that doesn’t count as my .02)

For pic o day, I thought I’d post one that shows teamwork and having fun!

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