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Disappointment and Happiness

I am going to confess something to you. It’s a mistake that I made when I was in law school, that taught me a valuable lesson.

Even though I was a third-year law student, Oklahoma had a program that allowed law students to be tested and sworn in for a limited license to practice law in Oklahoma. The law firm where I worked in Edmond, Oklahoma, took full advantage of that limited license.

They would send me all over Oklahoma to handle legal matters. At the time, they were paying me $10 per hour and billing me out at a much higher rate.  It was good profit for them and good experience for me.

On this “valuable lesson” occasion, they had sent me to a small courthouse. I am not sure that I could ever find that courthouse again. Way out “in the sticks”. I was there representing a lady for her uncontested divorce.

She and I presented basic evidence to the judge. At the conclusion of the evidence, the judge formally announced from the bench that the lady (my client) was now divorced.

I turned to her and congratulated her. She broke down crying and told me that there was nothing to celebrate. I was reminded that no one wins in a divorce… and that there are specific times to just keep my mouth shut. And that was one of those times!

Thankfully, I only handle personal injury cases. That was part of the lesson learned as well.

So today, I am posting pic o’ days as the range of emotions that can be part of a lawsuit. The courtroom is a place to resolve things when settlement is not an option. But, at the end, there is a scoreboard and a definite winner.


So, the first emotion I post is disappointment, which makes us appreciate good results:



Thankfully, there is also a possibility of happiness. And the more preparation, hopefully the emotion of satisfactory resolution and happiness!


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