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No, Yes I Didn’t When I Did

The creator of the Peanuts comic, Charles Schultz, described his life as, “My life has no purpose, no direction, no aim, no meaning, and yet I’m happy. I can’t figure it out. What am I doing right?”.

When I read that quote, it seemed to go along with the strange Richmond Times-Dispatch story of “the School Board Doctor“. After the story, my thoughts.

Richmond School Board member Shonda Harris-Muhammed can no longer use the title of “Dr” in any of the Richmond school materials. About a month ago, Richmond television station WTVR-Channel 6 reported that they had researched Harris-Muhammed, and found that she had not completed the necessary course work for a doctorate. She had claimed to have done so through Walden University.

When the reporter contacted the university, the University reply by email indicated that Harris-Muhammed “received her M.S. in Education degree on April 24, 2005. She has not earned a doctoral degree from Walden University”.

In response, Harris-Muhammed contradicts the email by stating that, “I have always been honest and upfront. I did the work, I have earned it.” After not being able to produce any documentation to the School Board Chairman, it was announced that all school board materials would be changed to reflect the removal of her previously indicated title. For now, she continues to teach and serve on the School Board.

The news article indicates additional facts. Still it always ends up that this lady apparently improperly made claim to being a doctor. Tomorrow, I may wake up and decide to call myself Ambassador or Senior Chief or Chef Boyardee. It doesn’t make it so.

I led the blog with a quote of very simplistic thinking. I’m not exactly sure that the answer is in that life riddle. Here, a person in education wants to pretend to be more educated. It has not brought her happiness. A reminder that happiness is not in trying to be something that we are not.

For pic o’ day, Brandie sent a funny response to dog owners who are always asking the question, “whose a good boy?”.




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