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Really Honey? A Netflix Mention

Since this is a legal blog that might sound more like a food blog today, let’s start with some food humor:


Hang on… because we are going to talk nectar!

I walked into Shore Dogs for breakfast and ordered some scrambled eggs and an english muffin. (If I am being honest, I ordered an extra english muffin) Then, I walked over to their condiment table to pick up napkins, a straw, and add a strawberry jelly.

That table has a collection of items to please everyone. For instance, there is orange marmalade. I find marmalade interesting because that’s one of those toppings that… you either totally dislike it or you favor that above all other spreads. Me… I think it tastes like orange peels, and I mean peels in a bad way!

Apart from the grape and strawberry jelly, there is also tabasco sauce and honey packs. The honey packs serve as our blog launching point today. Or I could also call this, “What documentary am I currently watching?“.

It’s a new six-episode documentary on Netflix titled Rotten. Netflix describes it as, “Rotten dives deep into the food production underworld to expose the corruption, waste and real dangers behind your everyday eating habits“.

So far, I have only watched the first episode titled “Lawyers, Guns & Honey“. As described in the episode, they rhetorically ask how it is that demand for honey is increasing, while bees are dying off in record numbers. How can it be?

It is educational on how bees produce honey… and nectar is nectar. Right? But greed has led to hidden additives and a final product to the public that has a mixture of honey and contaminants. Much like a drug dealer adding to product to stretch profits.

This documentary is worthy of watching and will make you possibly look differently at those honey packs, at the condiment table. Or, at that plastic bear with honey, in the grocery aisle. And that’s just episode one.

For more reading on this, here is a good article/review from (here).

And for pic o’ day, this dog picture fits into our healthy living theme. Or something like that:



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