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Here’s the Jetsons

At the age of 3 or 4, life is measured in increments of fun. Usually, that is determined by someone else. At that age, I spent a lot of time at my grandparents’ houses.

Grammy Bieber worked hard all morning. She would bake and make. Meanwhile, I was usually entertaining myself. Sometimes I would go out and hang out with the dogs. Other times, I would go to the smokehouse and be fascinated by the hanging meat. Chickens and roosters always provided entertainment and I would occasionally peek into the peep house where it was all warm. Then, I would head in for lunch and an afternoon of “the soaps” with Grammy.

I didn’t think about the future. Although, sometimes I would ask if we were having potatoes for supper. Even when Grammy sat down to watch “Days of Our Lives”, it didn’t occur to me to worry about “sand in the hourglass of time”.

As you get older, you start looking more into the future. Might even sneak a peek at the “Top 10 Tax Friendly States for Retirees”. I mean, Wyoming does sound interesting with its no state tax and only 4% sales tax.

For now, I’m focusing on the more immediate future. That’s why this YouTube video by Corning caught my eye. It is a 5 minute glimpse into a believable future of how we will connect to our news and communications. It’s also fodder for how to better market the law firm. I thought I’d post it. I think you’ll find it fascinating.

[youtube 6Cf7IL_eZ38&vq]

And for pic o’ day, a good ole reminder to buckle up

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