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Bunny Pictures and Team Concepts

I wanted to include the Easter theme in Our Blog… so let’s get started:

IMG_2258I guess this would be a typical day in the life of computer bunny repairs?

IMG_2259And now a bit of real blogging, even though I am not the originator. I so enjoyed learning about this team concept. There is something truly moving about this:


and finally,



I hope you have a wonderful and meaningful weekend! I so enjoy a sunrise service.

Monday’s Bacon Thoughts

This weekend was filled with traffic. At one point, we were traveling at 3 m.p.h. and it might have been slower. Did you see one of these signs in your travels?


Yesterday I was at the NBA playoff game between the Wizards/Hawks and experienced the full gamut of emotion. I would be happy, and then get angry.  Cheer and then holler. Ultimately, the Wizards won… and I was happy.

This is the same range of emotions that you might feel when you see this picture/post from It’s basically an attack on bacon. One of those thoughts where even if The Whole30 program tells you bacon is fine because its not dairy or sugar, that you might decide to go Whole29 instead, and leave the day of bacon out. Just a thought.


Does this make you mad or cheer? Glad you don’t smoke? Mad that it now makes you want to have bacon, because you weren’t thinking about it until now.

I have to admit that I am not one to judge. I am feeling tubby after this Easter weekend of buffet activity and the remaining collection of fixins. I probably would have been thinner by just driving over to Bob Evans and having the Candy Bacon. The new breakfast dessert, they say!

But Monday is a new eating week! Positive Influences! And the weather is amazing, except for the rain forecast. I already feel better just thinking about Monday!


And for pic o’ day, this is curiosity that makes me laugh!


It’s Good Friday!

I blog to wish you a special Good Friday and a Happy Easter. One statistical study claims that over 80% in the United States celebrated Easter in 2016, and a similar number are expected to do so this year.

In the U.S., we view Easter differently than some other countries. Here, we attend church and have Easter egg hunts and chew on chocolate rabbits.

In Germany, they view the day solemnly, with strict laws governing such things as no horse racing or dancing. I am not sure whether they have outlawed marshmallow Peeps.

I like the positive thought of Psalm 118:24, “This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it“.

I hope you have a meaningful and wonderful weekend!



A Monday for Thoughts

You might have noticed that there was a couple of days last week, where I did not write a blog.  I was in the Washington D. C. area (Crystal City) attending my uncle’s funeral. He was buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

I have attached the history of the Cemetery. The land was originally in the family of Robert E. Lee. It was confiscated by the Federal government and then returned to the family because the Supreme Court ruled on a 5-4 vote that the land had been improperly seized without due process. It was later sold back to the government. Quite a tangled history.

On Sunday, my wife and I attended an Easter sunrise service at the Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond.  It also has quite a history that includes legend and even a reference to a Richmond vampire.

Both of these attachments make for some interesting history reading. At the sunrise service, a group played bagpipes to start the service.



The song Amazing Grace filled the air as darkness began to give way to light.

 Amazing grace! (how sweet the sound)
   That saved a wretch like me!
   I once was lost, but now am found,
   Was blind, but now I see.

Finally, I want to mention my Easter lunch. I guess they knew how much I would enjoy being seated near the desert table.



I noticed that people went into the “desert room” with a smile… and came out with full plates. Good eating! I like the quote attributed to Ernestine Ulmer, “Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first!”

And for our pic o’ day, this made me laugh:



Truck Crash Domino

I think that every Friday is a good Friday, but this is especially Good Friday!

Speaking of a play on words, a Canadian newspaper had a story about a truck wreck. The story headline stated Bread Truck rolls over, hundreds of loaves toast. 

And finally, I looked out the back window of my office and saw this sign only a few feet away. It caught my attention!



While in college, I was driving to take a final exam. It would be another two years before I enrolled at law school. At that time, my intent was to go to law school and become a corporate lawyer. I’m not sure I really knew what that meant but I thought corporate was for me.

I stopped at a red light. Unfortunately, a TruGreen truck lost its brakes and ran into the back of my little car. The short story,  that event set a sequence of events in motion. A truck that caused me to no longer want to be a corporate lawyer. A personal injury lawyer was born!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and a meaningful Easter Sunday.

And a couple of theme pic o’s:



It is a Good Friday!

This is a time of family, thankfulness and appreciation; and even baskets, chocolates and friendly rabbits.

lonely bunny

If you like marshmallow peeps… it’s a good time too. Plus, it includes Friday.

Friday dog

We just emailed our e-Blast for April. You can get it here if we did not send it to you. The staff put some good stuff in this April edition.

There is no shortage of funny Easter and rabbit pictures on the Internet. It just seems like it was only a couple months ago that we were posting these to the blog. Has it really been a year? Still, they make me smile every time.

cat ears

I hope this is a wonderful time for you and your family. Have a great weekend and make sure to find all the hidden eggs… especially the ones that have money in them. Also, I personally hope to see the Cadbury Bunny working this year.


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