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Virginia Older Driver Restriction

Fresh from the Virginia Senate is a bill that seeks to restrict older drivers. (Pilot Online) By a vote of 30-5, the legislation would establish a law that would require drivers over the age of 75 to face mandatory vision tests. In addition, the license renewal would only extend for five years instead of the current eight.

A bill from the house (HB 771) was previously rejected by the Senate after passing in the House. This version is very similar except that it includes some additional requirements such as the vision testing. So, it appears that it would have a chance to make it to Governor’s desk for signature. Right now, it is unknown whether Governor Terry McAuliffe is a supporter.

This bill balances restricting  driving privileges versus whether this law is necessary because older drivers are more prone to accidents. According to one legislator, do older drivers know to “relinquish the wheel” when necessary.



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