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Pot and Kettle Plus Presidential

Yesterday I sneaked away from the office by myself just to read and eat lunch. At a nearby table, two men sat talking…loudly.

Normally I wouldn’t notice conversations around me, but my ears perked up when I heard them both talking about working out at the gym. One was complaining about not losing weight despite regular workouts. The other was chastising him about it and criticizing his eating habits.

Meanwhile, they were both “huskies”.  And, they were both consuming massive quantities of food as they sat there. So much so, that the food was competing with their word count. Food versus the spoken word.

I don’t mean to be harsh about these guys because I certainly enjoy a good meal. By the same token, it was hard to listen to one overweight guy lecture the other heavyset man, while they both kept eating massive quantities of food. Isn’t that what they call “the pot calling the kettle black” analogy.  As a side note, if you read the Michael Connelly books with the character Harry Bosch, you might also be reminded of the two characters Crate and Barrel.  Apropo!

I lead with that story because it reminds me of this blog. I “complained” in Monday’s blog about our difficulties in getting the platform (or some technical term) to correctly post and deliver my blog. That it was keeping me from blog. Meanwhile, here I am again writing this long blog. A bit hypocritical!

So, I defend myself by saying that this is a bit of a flare that we are firing in the air, to see how the blog lands this time after a bit of tweaking. Hopefully, this will all work out and technology will make it better!

Finally, I mention the election. I don’t make this blog political by intent.  I am curious to see what’s next. A Trump Presidency should bring lots to blog about!

And to my favorite part… pic o’ day, which is a bit of politics:





More News, Notes and Nuggets

     Back by popular demand of at least 2 people, I decided to again include some short legal stories for a Friday. Since this topic is all encompassing, it might be even hypnotic.


     Our first story in the world of news comes from the election on Tuesday. A Pennsylvania man was determined to earn his “I voted” sticker. The eighty-three year old man convinced an ambulance crew to stop and let him vote, while on his way home from a two week stay in the hospital.  The polling place was on the way home. They stopped; He voted.

     Deer eating our flowers in the backyard; Squirrels playing dodge tire. It must be autumn.  In Connecticut, autumn leaves meant something else to a 28 year-old woman in police custody. 

     She had been handcuffed and shackled to a metal cage in the courthouse, but managed to escape. That night, police found her in a wooded area, hiding under leaves. No word on whether she suffered any injury from falling acorns.

     My last note is the first Tweet from “Fox News Contributor” Sarah Palin. The full entry:   “As always, proud to be American! Thanks, Commonsense Constitutional Conservatives, u didn’t sit down & shut up … u refudiated extreme left.”  I’m not sure what she actuallcertaintifically meant.

     I titled this “More News, Notes and Nuggets”. Maybe I should have added a fourth…… Tweets.

Election Day Blog

Election Day always has an excitement to it. It's a culmination of campaigns and an end to all the endless commercials. I guess I won't have to see the one, again, that made me laugh every time. The one Attorney General candidate was basically saying that his opponent was not against spousal abuse. Do they really think that the electorate is that silly.

I've been involved in a few campaigns, in various capacities. None though, as the candidate. However, I imagine that it's a relief when today comes to an end. Obviously more exciting as the winner.  Both candidates will wake up tomorrow with nowhere to go to campaign.

Last week, Pilot Online did an article on voting while in jail. One inmate has voted for over 40 years straight, and he was determined to make sure he voted in this election. He cast his ballot by absentee, since they weren't going to let him out to vote. He is currently in jail, on two misdemeanor charges, so he hasn't lost his right to vote.

 He obviously also has a sense of humor. He noted that none of the candidates had been to the jail to solicit votes. The reporter in the article even tried to get a funny quote from one of the candidates. Instead, some campaign spokesman just replied that they had no plans to campaign there. I guess maybe that your sense of humor even gets tired during long campaigning.

Well, it's off to vote. Today, there is an election for Governor in New Jersey and Virginia. The pundits say that it could be a split with a Democrat winning in New Jersey and a Republican in Virginia. Then the spin will begin by both sides as to whether this means anything for the White House.

Every election day, my wife and I have a routine. We go vote early and then off to breakfast, before going to work. We try to make election day fun. It sure beats those days when I had to get up real early and run to several voting places, to put up signs. That definitely is for the young. For me, I'm more excited about what choice of syrup I should put on my pancakes this morning. Now that's some real choices to make!   

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