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The Secret To Long Life?

The story of Emma Morano is in this blog, because of her death. Here is her obituary from April. (Here) I didn’t know who she was until she had passed away. And here’s why:

When she passed away, she was the last verified person who had been born in the 1800’s. Then, after reading her obituary, I wanted to know  her secret to living to the age of 117 years and 137 days. According to all the articles, so did everyone else because she regularly was asked that question and long life gave her celebrity.

She worked in the kitchen of Collegio Santa Maria, a boarding school in Verbania, Italy, until her retirement at the age of 75. 

In 2013, when asked about the secret of her longevity, she said that she ate three eggs a day, drank a glass of homemade grappa (an alcoholic grape beverage) , and sometimes enjoyed chocolate candy. Everyone said that she was a determined lady. The NY Times noted (here) that “she cooked for herself until she was 112, usually pasta to which she added raw ground beef. Until she was 115, she did not have live-in caregivers, and she laid out a place setting for herself at her small kitchen table at every meal”

And, she also credited getting rid of a bad husband early in life as part of her long life. As one friend said at her funeral, “‘Emma did not put up with the humiliation of being subservient to a man”.

Many traveled to her home to figure out the secret to her long life. The above items are crazy talk for conversation. But, I think the real reasons could be found in the NY Times article. She lived simply and did not get caught up in things. And most importantly, as she put it, she “thought positively about the future“.

Her hometown was proud to have her as a citizen. She enjoyed living a long life.

All of this makes me smile!


And some joy!


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