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What is the Title?

A few years ago, I was standing outside my office building when I saw an official looking car pull up to the curb. Out jumped  three men. I looked closely and noticed that one was former Virginia Governor Douglas Wilder.

At the time, he was Mayor of Richmond, having decided to run for that office in the twilight of his political career. In my mind, I immediately wondered, “should I call him Governor Wilder or Mayor Wilder?”. I had to make a quick decision as he walked toward me.

There are many in the Democratic Party who are excited about a Hilary Clinton campaign for President. Ms. Clinton as the first female President would be another barrier knocked down.

Along with that, she would be known as Madam President. Not the routine Mr. President. That begs the question as to what would everyone call her husband. Would it be the First Man or would he also be called Mr. President.  Of course, some would just prefer that they both be called former.

I still don’t know the correct answer for either. I remember calling Mr. Wilder Mayor as he walked toward me. Since I don’t know the accurate answer, I decided to try to find it. Here’s what I found:

In the book Honor and Respect the author tells us not to refer to former office-holders as Mr. President or Governor. Protocol instructs us call them Mr. or Mrs.; And in writing, to address as The Honorable.  Conversely, says that it’s acceptable to call a former officeholder by their original highest elected office title, out of respect to their previous position. Both sources agree that, in writing, The Honorable is the preferable title.

Whatever is the proper title, I am certain that we are about to embark on the weekend. It’s always good to call it that.

And for pic o’ day, how about a selfie:



Pizza Delivery Reminders

     Reader’s Digest had an interesting list titled “13 things your pizza delivery guy won’t tell you“. I am posting this list because I think that it also has some good reminders for everyday living. Simple reminders about being prepared, generous, thoughtful and patient. Also, the simplicity of putting ourselves in “some else’s shoes”.

     I have attached the full list. Below are a few from the survey of pizza delivery drivers:

1. It’s pizza not a lifetime commitment. I probably have another phone ringing so make up your mind on the toppings.

2. We know when kids are prank calling us. Sometimes we even know the number they are calling from.

3. Accidents happen. If I drop your pizza on the way, Sometimes I’ll shake the box to get the cheese to slide back on the piece.

4. Patience please. It takes 20 minutes to go from raw dough to fully baked pizza. Then, I have to drive to your house.

5. There are some neighborhoods that we will not deliver in, if it feels like getting out of the car means “Rob me! I have cash!”

6. I am a human being. When you see me standing at the door drenched and shivering in the rain, it’s not nice to close the door in my face while you run to search for quarters in the sofa cushions.

7. Use your manners. When you open your door, please hang your cell phone up or put it down. Basic etiquette.

8. Remember to tip. If you order pizza- say, hundreds of dollars of it and then give me a dollar; I am going to have a problem with that.

9. The more the gated community, the more guarded the wallet. The best tips come from middle and lower-class people because they know what we go through.

10.  I can’t wait forever. If you don’t answer your door after I knock, then don’t complain later about not getting your food.

11. The majority of us work 12-14 hour days. So please, don’t call at closing and then complain we cannot accommodate you.

12. Time is money. That’s a reminder for customers who stand at the door and want to chat about the weather.

13. You ordered the pizza and were told how much it costs. When I arrive, please be ready to pay me. Also, I’m just the delivery guy. I don’t have authority to give you a discount.

     Monday at midnight was that dreaded tax deadline. So, here is “tax cat”  for pic o’ day:

tax cat

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