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Some Retirement Advice

I usually read the Baltimore Sun to get some Oriole baseball news. A letter/article written by Richard T. Seymour in the Opinion section caught my eye. It’s titled Outliving Our Retirement Funds. 

It’s a good reminder for any age. Mr Seymour starts out his opinion piece with “At 88 and 87, I’m glad my wife and I are alive, but scared we’ll live much longer. We’re out of money.

He owned his own business and says that they did plan for retirement. They paid off their mortgage with the piece of mind that no matter what, they would always have a roof over their heads.

With their savings, they felt that a conservative 6% return on their savings would give them a cushion. They didn’t count on a market crash, or that a 6% return was not happening. Now, they are faced with the possibility of living only on their social security, because of their dwindling retirement savings.

I attach this for the blog because it’s “ponder material”, no matter where you are in your journey. It’s great when life is all cake. But, here’s something to think about. Just sayin’, on a Monday.


And for pic o’ day, and because it is pool season, I thought this sign was funny:


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