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Work, Exercise and Health

Today our Richmond office is headed to Busch Gardens Amusement Park for a Friday afternoon of “legal research”. There are many reasons that I am excited for everyone to go. I look forward to seeing all the pictures they post on social media.

It caused me to blog on Work, Exercise and Health. Just some thoughts in picture:

Work! I have attached the source. It’s a reminder that if you don’t sometimes take the time to stop and enjoy, that work can feel like just pushing the rock up the hill. Staying positive and productive!


Exercise! Right? This seems so real.



Health! I believe in the power of apples. And this makes me laugh.




I hope you have a great Friday and a meaningful weekend. These are the good days. I am headed back up to Washington, D.C. for a Wizards basketball game. Yes… I can consider that “legal research” as well, but I suspect that I won’t be able to use my indoor library voice when I get riled up during the game!

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