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The Handshake Lawsuit

Does this lawsuit bring you a memory of a “bone crusher” handshake or does it fall in the category that “people will file suit over anything”?


I like to blog about unusual topic lawsuits and this lawsuit from Florida (Sun Sentinel) definitely grabbed my attention.

A Delray Beach lawyer claims a Boca Raton lawyer shook his right hand so hard that he has been in pain for years. “This is a case about an alleged negligent handshake,” reads a statement that Circuit Judge Gregory Keyser will read to jurors after they are sworn in the jury trial of the case of the bone-crushing handshake.

It’s no joke says the plaintiff, George H. Vallario, Jr., 76. He insists Peter Lindley squeezed his hand and caused “severe pain” while the friends were attending a childrens’ birthday party at a Boca Raton private home.

“I screamed, ‘holy cow!’ ” recalled Vallario, who said he might not have sued if the defendant Lindley had just apologized. He believes that Lindley may have just been trying to be funny by squeezing his hand so hard, but that it really caused injury. His lawsuit claims that the handshake was “unexpected, unprovoked, univited, unauthorized, uncalled for, and most certainly negligent”.

As a result of the handshake, Vallario has received orthopedic treatment, therapy and believes that his arthritis has been exaggerated. 

Lindley, 60, doesn’t dispute that the men shook hands at the party. But the attorney denies that the handshake caused any injuries to Vallario.

Perhaps this will return us to the days of a Lumberjack handshake. Folks putting their hands together and moving back and forth like a saw. Or… maybe not so much!

 And for pic o’ day, more on the handshake with poor Roy:


Some Random Blog Thoughts

My Little Pony

Like an unexplained collection of “my little ponies”, sometimes I collect thoughts for the blog that never make it to the blog. So, for a Friday, here is part of the collection:

Here is an unusual headline from South Carolina’s paper “The State”.   “Pimp Stick Quezzy’ pleads guilty to prostitution

From Florida TV station WESH, a story about a mom who left her 8-year-old at home… with a gun, as he got dressed up and went out. When the police arrested her she simply stated, “I knew it was wrong, but I didn’t think it would be a big deal”.

From Rochester, Pennsylvania, the Associated Press reports on a school bus driver who was charged with endangering children, after the bus surveillance video showed how he handled fighting on the bus. Police say that the driver can be heard telling students to “clear the aisle and let them fight.”

Yes, these stories do bring us confusion in the form of pic o’ day:


No Alligator Swimming

Some news stories tell you the news and then, surprise you with the news. Here we go. This can be placed under the heading of surprising animal swimming laws in Florida. (St. Petersburg Times)

Invitations to a birthday party for 8-year-old Marshall Jones announced that two special guests would be at the pool party. Cupcake and Burger, two alligators from the Alligator Attraction would be swimming with the kids.

Parents apparently thought that there would be no worries. The alligators are less than 4 feet long and their jaws are taped shut. When members of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission  heard about the “gator parties”… they immediately clamped down on them. (OK, maybe the article didn’t have that last part)

Originally, employees of the Alligator Attraction were being paid $175 per worker to bring Cupcake and Burger. That’s when “Good Morning America” did a story. Then, phones began to ring and got the attention of the Commission.

Right now, there are no specific laws that prohibit the gator pool parties. But, the Commission enacted its own requirements by telling workers that if gators were taken to the parties, they had to be on a leash at all times. Alligators can no longer swim freely in residential pools. Something about danger that included injury by tail. Apparently that takes all the fun away from Florida pool parties.

Bob Barrett, interviewed for the news story as the facility owner, was quoted as saying, “Safety first, safety first, and safety first, that’s our mottoes”. (Really impressive because it shows the importance of having more than just one motto) University of Florida alligator biologist Kent Vilet even added that, “I have some concerns with the notion of having children in the water with alligators”. Good call, Kent.

When I read this story, I was surprised by the casual alligator attitude. I wonder if they will now schedule some chainsaw ice carving parties?

For pic o’ day, I was sent this and asked if I thought that it looked like Larry King. Is that mean that I could almost hear a voice in my head hollering in a gruff tone, “Paducah, Kentucky hello!”?

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