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Conspiracy Please

I was going to start this blog with the question of whether owls are really wise. It seemed like a good conspiracy starter, until I found the differing opinions that some people think that owls are absolute dimwits, while others think they are the Einstein of birds. I’ll let you google that to come to your own conclusion. Clearly, owls have a great public relations department!

Our history books tell us that Adolph Hitler shot himself in the head on April 30, 1945. His body was found beside his wife, Eva Braun; who had committed suicide by taking a cyanide pill.  Both of their bodies were found inside the bunker by hundreds of soldiers.

Conspiracy theorists contend that Hitler replaced his “body” with someone else and then escaped through a tunnel that was below the bunker. From there, he went directly to an airport and was helicoptered to Spain. From Spain, he ultimately traveled by submarine to Argentina, where he lived until his death many years later. That theory was written about by Argentina author, Abel Basti, in his book titled  “Hitler in Exile.”

Perhaps I should have started the rumor that the alien that supposedly landed in Roswell, New Mexico, was ultimately spotted throwing a football in Argentina, with Hitler. I have attached a compiled listing of “The 30 greatest conspiracy theories“. (

I blog on conspiracies today because several at the office have mentioned the film “What The Health”, that I blogged about on Monday. (here). It’s filled with “follow the money” conspiracies. I’m curious whether you believe that non-charitable organizations can be so influenced by huge donations. My guess is that you are saying right now, “Of course I believe!”

I still want to believe that there is not such influence. Of course, I still want to believe that it’s healthy to eat cheesecake. Oh how I want to believe!


And for pic o’ day…



Free Speech or Just Against the Law?

Did you know that it is against the law to do the Hitler Sieg Heil Salute in Germany. In fact, you can face jail time. I thought that this story would put into perspective our freedom of speech in the US.

This old story comes from the The story of Adolf the dog.


There are TV shows on how to train your dog to sit, rollover and even bark a song. But in Germany, one man learned that government officials take it seriously when you break the law on the Hitler salute.

A German dog owner taught his dog Adolf to do a Nazi salute. The German Shepherd mixed-breed lifted his paw up high on command, which made the dog look like he was giving the infamous raised-arm greeting that was used by Hitler and all of Germany during World War II.

The dog owner, known as Roland T, would command his dog to “give the salute” right in front of police. Even though it was a dog trick, the Nazi salute is banned in Germany. Multiple times he was told to stop but he wouldn’t stop. Finally, they arrested him,  jailed him because he could not pay the fine.

The article goes on to give us a clue on how crazy this dog owner could carry his obsession. He told police that since the dog was born on Hitler’s birthday, that he also planned to have him put down on the anniversary of Hitler’s suicide.

I guess we learn a bit about free speech laws; a view into crazy; and wonder what this dog owner would have done… if he had owned a Unicorn. OK, maybe we don’t wonder about that last one.

And for pic o’ day… this one made me smile!


Law of Heil Hitler

When you think of pictures of Hitler, your mind probably goes to one that shows him saluting, like the picture below. It’s a picture of Hitler returning the Nazi Salute. Literally this was known as a gesture of the Hitler Salute, which was used as a greeting in Nazi Germany. Heil Hitler became a greeting with the extended right arm or left arm, if disability kept someone from raising their right arm. The salute was also accompanied with the expression Heil, mein Führer. (Hail my leader


This picture below of this crowd in Germany is an attention-grabber from that Hitler era. It shows more than just a man in the crowd. As you can see, the circled man is the only person in the picture not gesturing the Hitler Salute.  As of 1926, the Heil Hitler salute was made compulsory. It served as a display of commitment to the Nazi Party.



     Depending on the date of this photograph, the man could be facing punishment for not saluting. Compulsory saluting moved to a decree of the law, by the Minister of the Interior. As of July 13, 1933, all German public employees were required to use the salute. By the end of 1934, special courts were established to punish all citizens who refused to salute. Your failure to salute was considered rebellion against the Nazi government.

The progression of the salute as a matter of law, shows what happens when a government can continually seize the rights of its citizens. Soon, laws can have no bearing on effective governing. They simply are enacted to control.

The ending to the salute came with the defeat of Hitler and Nazi Germany. Currently, this salute is considered a criminal offense in Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria. In Switzerland and Sweden, the salute is illegal and has been classified as illegal hate speech.

When I saw that historical photo of the one man, it made me think?   Even put on my thinking cat.  Yes, a crazy, scary law to test loyalty.


And now, for pic o’ day. How about some more costumes? (Can’t bring myself to mention the Colts game last night)


The Hidden Agenda

During World War II, Hitler kept floating information of a planned date for the Invasion of France. Then, that date would pass and nothing had happened. This method of misinformation was repeated many times. Eventually, France and England no longer took the notice of information seriously because of the previous hoax dates. Then one day, Germany did invade France. The misinformation strategy worked for Germany.

Also during the Second World War, the Allies also used their own deception in 1944: Operation Body Guard. The plan contained several components to mislead Germany as to where Europe invasions would occur. It included systematic radio decryptions in sending false messages of landings. Ultimately, the Allies were successful with their tactical surprise Normandy landings (D-Day) which led to the restoration of the French Republic. Germany had been beaten at their own game.

Now, let me get a little political with hidden agenda comparisons.  Two especially get my attention. First, in the insurance industry. It bothers me to see ads that suggest that membership in USAA is something to “pass down” to members. In my world, I see USAA fighting claims for medical payments for their policy-holders. I have blogged about it before but the hidden agenda continues.

Other insurance companies regularly process medical payment coverage. To me, USAA seems to delay and deny instead of making payments. Conversely, they advertise that membership is an asset with a sentimental bend. Their hidden agenda seems to be, to get family members to also pay premiums, while not wanting to pay claims. I would recommend a different insurance company for coverage. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

The second hidden agenda? All the pharmacy companies that advertise drugs that supposedly help with health matters while causing harms. For instance, Vioxx was marketed as a drug for aches and pains and headaches. Then, it became clear that people could suffer strokes. The hidden agenda must have been money instead of health. Yep… my opinion! I could just keep going.

DID YOU KNOW that Pepsi was first known as “Brad’s Drink”? In 1893 Caleb Bradham made the fountain drink at his drug store. Later, it was renamed after its recipe that included pepsin and kola nuts.

And for pic o’ day


Don’t Dress as Tinker Bell

There are just some things that catch your eye.


How about Bill and Hillary dressed up as a couple of easy going college kids? No reaction?







What, if that doesn’t grab you how about

Hitler on a snow sled from a 1955 book of Hitler photographs. (I got this from in an article of 14 unexpected photos of famous people)





So, you’re not surprised by some college kids or an evil snow skier? Well, let’s head to Florida where a teenager dressed up as Tinker Bell, but was denied access to Disney World.

 April Spielman decided to dress up as Tinker Bell for her boyfriend’s first trip to the Magic Kingdom. He went as Peter Pan.

When they tried to visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom, security stopped them at the gate. “They said that I looked too good” Spielman said. It was so disappointing to her because her “makeup took two hours; my hair took another hour and then I had to spray my body in glitter and paint my nails”.

Here’s why this made the blog. She wasn’t denied access because she looked too good. It was because Disney has a posted dress code that states, “adult costumes or clothing that can be viewed as representative of an actual Disney character” are inappropriate theme park attire.

Now this next part is probably no surprise. Disney does SELL costumes for younger visitors who would not be mistaken for theme park characters.

This is a reminder that you have to abide by the rules when it’s private property. That’s the law of the Magic Kingdom. There still are personal rights. Even the government has to obey if they want to get in.  Plus, maybe your boyfriend shouldn’t dress up as Peter Pan.

For pic o’ day, I really didn’t know where to go from here. So, a pic about just being yourself… or something







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