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“House of Cards” Thought

House of Cards” is a Netflix original series that had Wall Street talking last week. Unrelated to the show, Netflix had seen a dramatic rise in its stock over the past few days. That’s because the streaming network has been gobbling up programming and beating its competition. Amazon and Apple TV are suddenly trying to catch-up.

This isn’t a blog about whether Warren Buffet would invest in Internet programming. Instead, new ground has been broken with a slick television series that was available for viewing in our homes, without a “brick and mortar” televison network being involved. Instead, to watch the show, you have to pay the monthly fee to Netflix, not to some cable or satellite company. That’s the only way that you can see Kevin Spacey play a Democratic congressman/ House Majority Whip.

Curiously, they have written the storyline to include Spacey to be a Congressman from South Carolina, whose district includes Gaffney. That’s why it’s crazy that one of the show topics includes a lawsuit over the big peach that is along the highway. That peach has its own claim to fame when you search it on the Internet.

The show does discuss the making of laws in all of its dirty back-room politics glory. No one is living a life that resembles any kind of good character. In fact, it is all unsurprisingly immoral… exactly what we expect from politics.

The reason that the show makes the blog is because of one of the programming methods that is being used. The main character (Spacey) regularly turns directly to the camera and looks to the viewer. Then, he speaks directly ” to the viewer” to give some background or “wisdom” on what is going on in the scene or in the mind of one of the other characters.

I would guess that there is some risk with this viewing method. Of course, Netflix is taking the risk that by spending on this series, more people will subscribe.

As to speaking into the camera directly, wouldn’t it impact our lives if we really believed that someone was always watching everything that we were doing. Would that effect our conduct in life? Perhaps, it would make more people accept responsibility for what they do. Maybe it would even make insurance companies act differently. Well…. maybe I am getting a little carried away on the insurance part. Still, can you believe that the Peach made it into the show?

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