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Your Hyperbole Number?

I started to write a blog about what a social security number tells you about someone. So I began to read this article and for the life of me, I still am not sure what it means. (if you click on the article and you understand, let me know… and your’re hired. We have an office waiting!)

Maybe it doesn’t really mean what it says. Like “keep clam”? Does it make sense?


The first three numbers has something to do with the geographical area where the person was living when they received the number, assuming you were applying during certain years. At least I gathered that much. Right? Of course, some things seem obvious and others don’t:


But I digress. The real reason for the blog is that I was talking to my cousin this weekend about his podcast. It’s about various phrases. Because he lives in Brazil, it’s a popular podcast to discuss sayings that are in English. For instance, As a crow flies was one of his podcast topics. I recommended that someone was traveling a stone’s throw.

We do have some crazy expressions. We don’t always really say what we mean. When the Indianapolis Colts traded for Trent Richardson, the coach called him “a rolling ball of butcher knives”. Now, he’s out of the league and probably eating a 48-ounce-steak instead. (I think he’s gained 600 pounds since then. Can you tell I am a bitter Colts fan?)

When the Cleveland Browns selected Mike Junkin in the 1987 draft, their coach called him a mad dog in a meat market. Do you know who Mike Junkin is? Didn’t think so. Maybe he just got lost in the market.

The point of this blog? Sometimes you start out wanting to write about social security and you end up with a bunch of hyperbole. And that’s like an onomatopoeia… or something like that. I’d rather be using slogans like a balanced diet means a cupcake in each hand. Right again?

I’m on a roll! (I love rolls)

(And it’s just Tuesday… which means that it might be time for a vacation!)


And for pic o’ day, I thought a simple expression was all that was needed!


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