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Case Investigation Puzzle

The  Friday/weekend blog usually takes us to the week’s collection of stuff. I went to the cupboard of accumulated news and ended up elsewhere.

This week I could have written about Governor “Rolex Bob” McDonnell or Tan Mom’s Rehab. Of course, those seemed even more confusing than the Puppy-brother” commercial.  Yes, it is quite the cupboard of stuff.

I did find the “Droopy Pants Robber” as almost blog-worthy. But, how many lines can you write about someone who gets caught because of flashy underwear.

The Queen is getting a raise. (CNN) Her salary increase will be about 5.2%, which means that she will earn the equivalent of about 60 million U.S. dollars. Now that is certainly blog-worthy. Still, that’s all there is to the story and you know by now, I just enjoy the journey of writing!

No, I thought I would finish the blog with a story from inside the office this week. You be the judge.

Briefly on the facts. The prospective client initially called and said that he had been hit by a car, while standing in the middle of the road.  The fact pattern was a bit unclear in the description; so we secured the accident report to see what the police officer had reported.

On the accident report, the officer did not find anyone at fault. He issued no tickets.  He did note that the car had clipped the pedestrian (our prospective client) while the pedestrian was walking and talking on his cell phone.

I don’t think that I need to “toot my own horn” to suggest that something was not adding up.


(OK, it’s true, I was trying to figure out a way to sneak this picture in the blog!)

We decided to look for the witnesses. We found some, who said that our client was in the middle turning lane. It’s that lane on some roads where cars traveling from either direction can turn left or right.

No one had seen our client on a cell phone and there was no indication that, upon impact, a cell phone landed anywhere in the road. Isn’t that what you would expect?

We are ordering copies of his phone records to further clarify the “cell phone issue”  and compare calls to the time of the accident.

Sometimes, you just have to raise your hand and ask for help!

Frog Fries

Now the strange part. The witnesses that were interviewed claimed that they saw the man get hit when the car swerved in and out of his lane. They rushed to help him. They are black, just like the pedestrian. According to them, the police officer initially came up to them with his gun drawn, as he approached the group surrounding the man on the ground.

The driver  of the car is white. We have been unable to speak to him.

Right now, it is still unclear as to the exact place of where the car hit him. It is uncontradicted that the pedestrian was hit by the car mirror. To date, we have not spoken to the officer, but hope to.

What is certain is that the pedestrian is hurt. We are now representing him. It’s why you have to invest in investigation. Somewhere, the truth can be found.

And for pic o’ day, someone else taking a good look!

meet again

O.J. or a Serial Killer

I started out with the intent of blogging on gratitude and thanks. Then, I got sidetracked by Wednesday night TV listings.

The TV channel “Investigation Discovery” will be airing a documentary on the killing of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. The documentary identifies Glen Rogers as their possible killer. That got my attention!

The documentary relies on interviews with family members, including Rogers’ brother, who first turned Glen Rogers in to the police after finding a rotting corpse in the family’s Minnesota cabin.

He has been convicted of two murders and is currently on death row in Florida. While there, he has confessed to having killed more than 70. Based on his own confession, his family believes that he also killed Simpson and Goldman.

In 1994, months before the two were killed, Glen Rogers was working in Los Angeles as a house painter. At that time, he reportedly was working for and partying with Nicole Brown Simpson. He told his family  about working for Simpson, that she was rich and that he was “going to take her down”.

Rogers later was charged  and convicted of the other two killings. According to the press release from the documentary,  after that he confessed to criminal profiler, Anthony Meoli, that he had murdered Simpson and Goldman and he provided detailed accounts of their slayings. According to the show, his own family cannot believe the depth of his evil.  The confession provides another unexpected suspect.

For Pic o’ day, this one gets me everytime!

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