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No Jousting on Independence Day?

Won’t it be exciting to attend the jousting this weekend. Wait? What? No Jousting?

On June 30th, 1559, King Henry II of France was celebrating his daughter’s wedding and that they were at peace with the Habsburgs. It was jousting! This would be his final match, as he was struck by a lance fragment to the head, which caused him to die a few days later. The death of a king was part of the motivation that caused jousting to be fazed out.

Today, July 1, is one of Canada’s most important national holidays. It’s called Dominion Day because on July 1, 1967, the Dominion of Canada was formerly created.

I point these out because we feel disassociated from both of these days. Neither effect us. The fact that the Battle of Gettysburg started on July 1, 1863 and became a turning point in the Civil War, doesn’t have much effect on us today.

Admit it, you were not thinking about the Battle of Gettysburg, right? And that had impact on us. You learned Lincoln’s Gettysburg address, Right? Or, did you think that he just received mail at that address? See, no Gettysburg holiday.

I write this blog as the last, before July 4. It’s a day that means something to us. Partly because we all have off. But, most importantly, it’s Independence Day. The anniversary of the Second Continental Congress who adopted the Declaration of Independence that declared that the American Colonies were free and Independent states. Clearly, that has impact on us today!

So, there will be no jousting on the 4th, but we have lots to celebrate!

Have a great weekend and a great Independence Day!!!!!! These are the good days and it’s only going to get better!

And a holiday of independence causes me to go a bit pic o’ crazy…


















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