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From Ketchup to Art

I admit it. It’s difficult to get motivated to blog, with snow on the ground. That’s when I go to the notebook collection. Things that have never become a blog because I can’t figure out a way to make them into a blog. And then the snow non-motivation. So here goes:

In the early 1800’s, ketchup was used as a medicine. Dr. John Cook Bennett announced that tomatoes were good for the stomach. Soon, tomato pills were being marketed as Dr. Miles’ Compound Extract of Tomato. Unfortunately, they still haven’t declared french fries for medicinal purposes.

Speaking of french fries, they were supposedly invented by Chef George “Crum” Speck in 1853. Originally he was known as a chef who specialized in wild game like venison and duck. (Wikipedia) He was  simply known as slicing the potatoes thinly. Customers began to request them. The crazy part of the story, according to the attachment, is that the owner of the restaurant, as well as the cook at the same restaurant, all later claimed to also be the inventors of the potato chip. Of course, “potato chip legend’ also includes that the chip was invented because of a complaining customer. Who’s to say?

A left handed advantage? You are able to adjust and see underwater more quickly. Just some random to the random.

And finally, here is some crazy art trivia. Henri Matisse’s painting Le Bateau hung upside down for 47 days in the New York Museum of Modern Art… until someone finally noticed it had been hung incorrectly.

And that’s a snow blog!




Getting Ready for the 4th!

What did one flag say to the other flag? It didn’t… it just waved.

Why did the British soldiers wear red coats? So they could hide in the tomatoes.

What is Uncle Sam’s favorite snack? Yep… Fire-crackers.

Ok, I will stop the July 4th bad humor. Here’s some usefulness from a National Kidney foundation email . It’s titled 7 of the Best and Worst Condiments for Health. Something to think about for your hot dogs and hamburgers. A tease to tempt you to read it. Which is better for you… Ketchup or Mustard? Is Hummus really good for you or is it a hidden “weight gainer”?

I hope you have a wonderful July 4th.the 4th


Job Wanted is Job Amazing

I receive emails from a legal service called LawCrossing,  that publishes job ads and applicant availability. The following was a post for a Legal Internship at a law firm in South Carolina. Here’s what arrrived in my in box:

Legal Internship

         The candidate must demonstrate excellent academic performance in educational program, sound business acumen, leadership potential, strong work and personal ethics and a team orientation, superior communication and excellent quantitative skills are also required.

Now, what do you think of that job posting?  The job ad has been posted since August 2012. When I saw it, I first had to look up the definition of “quantitative skills”. After reading several descriptions, I think that it means looking at things through numbers and measurements. Something to do with understanding the size of things. Honestly, I’m still not real sure.

The Bureau of Statistics (I know that the minute you read that, you looked up at something else. Come on… admit it!) reported in August that the unemployment rate is roughly at 7.3 percent. That relates to the amount of people looking for a job, who cannot find one.  It does not consider people who have given up on finding a job; An unknown number.

Jobless rates are reportedly up in 28 states. Half of U.S  jobs now pay less than 34K per year. The gap between the rich and the poor is growing larger. People are feeling tremendous financial pressure just making ends meet.

Why am I writing about unemployment in my legal blog? Well, in my practice, I see clients who get hurt from car accidents or truck accidents and simply cannot afford to miss a day of work. They cannot afford to go get treatment. Or, they are already unemployed and now are limited in what they can now apply for, because of their physical condition.

I suggest that the above legal intern ad is questionable as to whether it is really a real job offer because of the content of the ad. I don’t know anyone who fits that description. Wouldn’t it be great if we had political leaders that matched that, not just a legal intern.

As I write this Tuesday blog, I know that today I will talk to people under a lot of stress. They did not cause it. Someone else did. Instead of accepting responsibility, the defendant’s insurance company argues that they must not be really hurt, or my client would have missed work. I believe that there are a lot of people who are just living in fear. Fear of what tomorrow holds.

In evaluating the worth of a case, how much is fear worth? Unfortuately, that is a real damage that must be considered. What an awful damage that some carry.

DID YOU KNOW that ketchup was sold in the 1830’s as medicine. Early versions didn’t contain tomatoes. At the time, it was thought that tomatoes were poisonous. So, early versions had flavors like blueberry, lemon and grape.

The first ketchup recipe that included tomatoes is believed to have been in an 1801 recipe book titled the Sugar House Book. From the history of the Heinz Ketchup company, it wasn’t until 1876 that F & J Heinz launched their own tomatoe ketchup. (Did you think that you would learn about the history of ketchup in a legal blog? Somehow I need to work apple pie and ice cream in)

My little footnote is a good lead-in to our pic o’ day:

dog diet




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